Luis Morais Side Skull Bracelet

Written by  Marv Valladares
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I personally don’t like wearing too much jewelry, and when I do, I like it to be minimal.

Luis Morais gets it right with this Side Skull Bracelet. I like how simple and small it is but yet looks cool. The ebony bead bracelet with 14K white gold skull will cost you though. You can buy it at aloharag.com for $775.

If you wish to save money and have the same look, then head over to an arts and craft store or jewelry store to pick up some beads and stones and do it your self. You may not have the cool skull or get the same quality but I’m sure you can get creative. However, if you are a bit lazy like me and won’t ever sit there patiently creating your own jewelry then I suggest this cool skull bracelet from Luis Morais.


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