Hanz de Fuko Organic Hair care for the Image conscious man

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Hanz de Fuko Organic Hair care for the Image conscious man

Hanz de Fuko organic hair care for the image conscious man. Hanz de Fuko hair care for men has been reworked, reinvented and redefined for today’s image conscious man. A full line of hair care products from natural shampoos and conditioners with organic ingredients to the best water soluble pomades & waxes and flake free hair gel are brought to you by Hanz de Fuko, to keep your head free of sulfates, parabens and salts.

Hanz de Fuko hair care for men was created in the San Francisco Mission District in 2009 by Founder David Alfonso, Christopher Zent, Jarrett Winfield and continues to work side by side in the fashion industry, with hairstylists and salons for the grooming needs of men worldwide. I loved the quick  no fuss no muss application using the Hybridized Wax for that finished look.

Hanz de Fuko hair care products for men

Hanz de Fuko hair care style chart


Natural and nutrient rich hair care formulas made from the highest quality certified organic ingredients and extracts containing essential oils, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins A, C & E to maximize the health and look of your hair. They are Paraben, Sulfate, Propoylene Glycol free and manufactured right here in the good ol USA.


  • Natural Shampoo and Natural Conditioner are packed with 16+ Natural plant extracts and 10+ Amino acids to ensure your hair is as healthy and looks as great.
  • Scheme Cream is great for pliable men’s hairstyles with natural texture and light and non-oily moderate shine. Excellent for that popular “Bed Head” dew.
  • Hybridized Wax is for use on damp or dry hair and for a finished look with an iridescent mica for satin shine and quick styling results.
  • Gel Triq extreme hold gel is for longer men’s hair styles and leaves hair with a high shine without flaking. For use on dry or wet hair.
  • Sponge Wax is perfect for a 50/50 balance between flexibility and firmness with a matte finish. Works well for both wet and dry hair application and one of their best sellers.
  • Modify Pomade is an ultra lightweight modernized, water soluble for use on wet or dry hair for high shine and excellent control.
  • Quicksand for those guys who need their hair to defy gravity, apply on dry hair and enjoy zero weight and tons of control for an Ultra Matte experience.

Here’s a quick video below for the Hybridized Wax and Sponge Wax, be sure to check out more from their Style Section for tips on how to use the Hanz de Fuko styling products.

Hanz de Fuko at hanzdefuko.com

– Hybridized Wax

– Sponge Wax


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