Bringing Oktoberfest Fun to Halloween

Written by  Ana Vigo
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photo courtesy of drgullo.com

Pinstripe traveled to Munich during Oktoberfest, the biggest and most celebrated beer festival in the world. And in the middle of the lederhosen-clad drunken men, we found a treasure that will save you hours of frustration…the perfect Halloween costume.  What a better way to show your masculine side than to be a beer drinking, pork devouring, skull crushing German.  Now that’s hot!  You can order your costume online-where costumes range from $40 to over $100- or be more original and create the look yourself at a minimum cost with this simple tips to looking your best German self…

The most important piece of a “real” Bavarian look are the brown-knee shorts, so you should make the investment and buy a pair that you can use and reuse in your daily life. My favorite choice is the Casual Capri Trouser from Ali Express. The front detail resembles that of lederhosen shorts, yet they are simple enough that you can also wear them all summer long, and at only $30.40, you can’t go wrong!   Another key element of your costume is using a plaid shirt, preferably in blue or red but any color would do. I trust this should be easy to pull out of your closet, so no cost there J. Last but not least are the suspenders which would give that final touch of Oktoberfest manliness to your costume. If you do not have any, you’re in trouble…Suspenders are a touch of coolness to any outfit, so even if you have to steal  them from your dad’s 1920s Prohibition era look, get them immediately! For extra originality points, add to your outfit a pair of long white socks (worn all the way up), a dark brown belt and a trilby hat with a feather. But as you can see from the pictures taken at the Löwenbräu tent during Munich’s Oktoberfest, even a sweater is acceptable.  Use your personality and make this unique costume work for you!

Now let’s have a beer, Prost!!!


Casual Capri Trouser

Casual Capri Trouser, available from aliexpress.com for $30.40


Casual Bermuda Shorts

Casual Bermunda Shorts, available from focalprice.com for $17.27


Men's knee length brown or blue jeans cotton shorts

Brown Cotton Shorts, available from etsy.com for $79.95




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