The skinny on the new iPhone 5

Written by  Pinstripe Writer
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The skinny on the new iPhone 5

We’ve all been waiting for it, it’s been speculated upon and rumors upon rumors out all over the internet and today is the day for the official announcement from Apple about the iPhone 5 and they didn’t disappoint.

Here’s the skinny on the new Apple iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is built inside in a unibody aluminum casing, making it 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4s at 0.29 inches or 7.6 milometers and comes in as the world’s thinnest LTE smartphone. At 3.95 ounces or 112 grams, it is 20 percent lighter than the 4s.

The skinny on the new iPhone 5, White

Apple has always created something you feel special about owning and claim to have stepped up the production quality down to the microns. The new iPhone 5 comes with a 4 inch panoramic screen with touchscreen plumbing and 44 percent more saturation allowing the iPhone 5 to display a full sRGB colorspace.

Of course it has 4G support! Woudn’t that have been a downer? The iPhone 5 utilizes the LTE network for connectivity along with all previous backward compatible standards HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, LTE and support for 5Ghz Wi-Fi 802.11N giving you up to 150 mbps over your wi-fi network. A new A6 cpu that is claimed to double the speed of the Apple iPhone 4s in cpu calculations as well as graphical rendering.

Battery life is about on par with everything else, 8hrs of 3G talk time, 8hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of wi-fi browsing, 30 hours of video and 225 hours of standby if you can bring yourself not to touch it.

The camera features a five-element lens at 8mb sensor giving you 3264×2448 resolution. Also included is backside illumination, hybrid infrared filter and f/2.4 aperture lens.  Low lighting is a mobile camera device killer and Apple has come up with a new dynamic low light mode to compensate for it. A spatial noise reduction filter is equipped on the new camera sensor to assist you while taking pictures in low lighting.

Panorama mode allows you to take a panoramic picture provided you can keep the camera steady and uses the gyroscope giving you 240 degrees of picture. Video face detection and image stabilization allows you to tag your pictures as well as take stills from your 1080p HD video.

The front firing camera has also been improved to 720p and also carries with it the face detection technology. Finally you can, use facetime over 3G and 4G without a jailbreak!

The skinny on the new iPhone 5, earphones

Check out the new noise cancelling headphones that come along with the new iPhone 5. It takes a crossfire of the 3 microphones that are located on the front, back and bottom, careful making those sighs talking to your girl. Increased to 5 from 3 magnetic transducers and wide-band audio Apple claims to have made for a much better return sound from your conversing partner.

The skinny on the new iPhone 5, Power port
Proprietary hardware… It wouldn’t be an Apple product if they didn’t make you buy a whole new set of accessories but Apple is going to provide you with a converter for your new power port so you can hold on to most of your old cradles! yay.

So finally, the iPhone 5 16GB is $199, the 32GB is $299 and the 64GB is $399 and will be available for purchase this Friday and will be shipping on Sept 21st! Available in any color you want, as long as it’s Black or White.

Stay tuned for more on the iPhone 5