Five Tips on surviving Office Romance

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As the heat turns up this summer you might be spending more time by the office water cooler. Office flirtations and romance are common – a recent CareerBuilder survey shows that almost 40% of workers have dated a co-worker and of those 28% dated their boss!

Here are 5 tips on interoffice flirtations:

1. Check the policy
This is tough economy and its hard enough to find a job. Love is great, but losing your job over it is not. Make sure your company doesn’t have rules against workplace romance.

2. Stay professional
Flirting with your coworkers can be fun, exciting, and help the workday go by in an instant. However, making out at the holiday party or causing your colleagues to feel uncomfortable by public displays of affection is never cute.

3. Prepare for the Worst
While we all would love for every relationship to work out, the truth is they often do not. Break ups can be messy, dramatic, and awkward around the water cooler. Make sure you both know what you are getting into and try to come to an understanding that you will keep it professional.

4. Leave your baggage at home
Do not bring problems in your relationship to work. We often let our personal lives affect our professional lives, however, when you are in an interoffice romance it is even more important to leave personal issues at the door.

5. Consider a change
If your workplace flirtation turns into a full-fledged romance and possible marriage, consider one of you finding a position outside the company.

written by Rachel DeAlto
She is a Flirting and Communications Expert who is dedicated to helping people communicate more effectively. Her expertise is available to help individuals single and looking for love, those trying to improve their current relationships, or anyone that wants to improve the way they communicate in all facets of their life. Read more at theflirtexpert.com


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