What should I get him for Father’s Day Best Top 7 things you can get this year for Father’s Day

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Father’s Day is right around the corner, June 17th to be exact. Are you wondering what you should get him for Father’s Day? If you are the type of person to leave things to the end well we are here to help. Pinstripe Magazine compiled a Gift Guide of the best, last minute 7 items we suggest you should get your dad, uncle, brother, husband or any father/dad you know this year. You can pick from something small and reasonably priced to something pricy but great to have. See below the best top 7 things to get some ideas on what to get him this year for Father’s Day.

1. If your dad is a big coffee drinker then a good idea for him would be this manly Knuckle Duster Mug from thabto that’s tough enough to carry him through the day. You can pick one up in black or white at www.gnr8.biz for $25. However, please don’t mistaken the mug for an actual weapon.


2. The most common gift bought during Father’s Day is a tie. Many men now a days do not wear them; however, here are some of the coolest ties we recommend that will sure have him thinking twice. Forget that ordinary tie you have picked up in the past, and check out these new stylish designs by Barker Black. Your dad will feel younger, modern and very hip with these two ties, the Printed logo tie and the Falling Stars tie in gray. You can pick any of these two styles for $160 or see more  at www.barkerblack.com. Some other ties for the more professional dad are from our friend over at GQ, Brett Fahlgren. A collection of Fahlgren ties from his Spring Summer 2012 are available at several Bloomingdale’s like the one on 59th Street & Soho in NY, Century City in L.A. and Santa Monica.


3. Undershirts are very important to many men. I know as for myself I always have to wear an undershirt underneath any of my tees or shirts. I normally wear one to prevent staining any of my good shirts from my deodorant. However, we just came across this new undershirt from Tommy John that not only prevent your shirts from getting stain, but they also comfortably hug the torso, stay tucked in place and comfortably move with the body to create a thinner, ultra-sleek and form fitting look. You can pick up a deep Vneck stay tucked tee at tommyjohnwear.com for $38.


4. Another common gift usually bought on Father’s Day is men’s fragrance. Normally, we would say this is a big no no and that you shouldn’t get that as a gift for anyone since you just don’t know how it will smell on him. However, because Molton Brown’s Londinium fragrance is unisex we encourage you to get it. Hey, if your dad doesn’t like it you can always give it to your mom. This new fragrance launched last month in May, will cost you $140 and can be purchased at Saks Fifth Ave and www.moltonbrown.com.


5. With summer officially right around the corner many families are going camping. If your dad is a manly man and loves the outdoors then these SOG tools are certainly a must have. From highly-engineered, multi-purpose knives to multi-function tools designed to meet any need in the outdoors, SOG products are perfect for the adventurer.

What’s key for outdoors enthusiasts is authenticity, and that’s why SOG Specialty Knives and Tools is the favored brand among outdoorsmen, the military, law enforcement personnel and industrial tradesmen. Any of the tools above can be purchased at www.sogknives.com.


6. So, now that your dad has the perfect tools needed to go camping he will also need a cool beer bottle opener. Yes we know the CrossCut above has one, but sometimes you don’t want to use something so complicated for something so simple so we recommend this 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener from bullets2bandages.org. This Unique Bottle Opener makes a bold statement. Constructed of 50 Caliber BMG, The Bullet Bottle Opener will shoot the top of any drink.


7. If your dad is not a beer drinker and instead drinks Scotch Whisky or other spirits well here is the best gift for him, a membership to the Scotch Club from Tewksbury. Imagine Dad’s delight when he receives a monthly gift of fine scotch delivered to the home with a detailed description on how to savor, understand and appreciate one of the finest spirits known to man. Tewksbury also offers fine wine, craft beer and tequila “Club” memberships as well, providing members with monthly mailings of beautifully wrapped, carefully selected gifts which celebrate the recipient’s palette profile and provide details on characteristics, pairing suggestions, production, region of origin and other fascinating detail for the connoisseur.

Scotch Clubs
Single Malt Lover $75 – $100 a month For the Scotch enthusiast, this club includes one specially hand-selected bottle for your drinking pleasure.

The Scotch Aficionado Club $150 – $200 a month
For the father who dreams about scotch, this club presents you with the opportunity to taste and discover the nuances that distinguish a great bottle of scotch from something of even higher proportions that elevates scotch to a whole new level.

The Ultimate Scotch Experience $350 – $500 a month
This club is for the true single-malt scotch fanatic: an extremely rare, hard to find bottle is chosen for the ultimate indulgence.

Pick up a membership at www.tewksburyfinewine.com.