What to look for in a Putter Grip

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What to look for in a Putter Grip

What to look for in a Putter Grip

We will discuss what to look for in a putter grip for the golf course. If you want to improve your game, then there is one purchase you can make that often makes a difference out of all proportion to its cost. A new set of golf grips, chosen to suit your style and type of play, is that accessory. Even then, however, many people overlook the humble golf putter and choose to focus instead on grips for their other clubs. That can be a mistake, as it’s the putter that really requires the fine control and where new grips can make the difference – it’s fine being able to find the green with a driver, but if you can’t finish the hole quickly the effort is wasted.

Like all grips, you can buy them in a variety of materials that suit different circumstances. By far the most popular and effective, materials are rubber or cord, or possibly a combination of both. Cord is tough and has a strong texture, allowing the holder to have a firm, steady grip in all conditions, even when the hand or air is damp. Rubber, on the other hand, is comfortable and gives good feedback, letting the user know exactly what is happening at the other end of the club. The combination of the two materials is a good compromise, though obviously you won’t get the full benefits of either material.

Perhaps more importantly than the material, grips for putters also have a feature not found on the other clubs in the bag. While other golf grips have a circular cross section, putter grips can be shaped to provide additional control. A wedge shape, for example, allows the thumbs to be placed on a flat surface at the back of the putter, allowing the very fine directional control needed. A tapered grip will get thinner as it moves lower down the shaft, so the bottom hand can hold tighter and have more control over the speed and strength of the swing. It all makes a huge difference to how the player putts.

Whichever material the grip is made from, and whatever shape is preferred by the owner, there are still some other choices. These include the thickness of the grip, the length of it, the texture (i.e. whether it is smooth or knobbled) and whether the compound is harder or softer. Trying out as many different types as possible is the only way to choose between them, so take your time and don’t just buy the first ones you try.

Obviously, when you’ve found the right golf grips for your putter you need to take care of it so that you aren’t replacing them too often, and aren’t losing out because the degraded material has translated to a degraded game. They can wear pretty fast and are subject to more use than you probably think, so a proper care routine is essential. Clean them regularly, with just warm water and mild detergent to remove the dirt and acid from your hands. Rinse in warm water, then allow them to dry before putting them away and you’ll have a set of grips that last for years.

Written by Biljana Dimovska


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