The Benjamin Steakhouse experience NYC

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The Benjamin Steakhouse experience NYC Main dining hall

The Benjamin Steakhouse experience NYC

Business man, bachelor, married man, young guy, old guy, millionaire alike, I am not sure I know a guy that doesn’t love a great steak. Benjamin Steakhouse in NYC brings some of the best aged steaks in the city and is more then just a great meal, it’s an experience that every man would enjoy. Formerly Nola, owned by Pop star Britney Spears, Benjamin Steakhouse has been in the meat preparation business for over 35 years with founders Benjamin Prelvukaj and Chef Arturo McLeod. They really know how to prepare a steak!

Upon entering Benjamin Steakhouse, you can’t help but notice the smiling faces of celebrity photographs that cover the hallway wall. I am not particularly starstruck but it’s nice to see the warm pictures of familiar faces of famous people who have enjoyed the Benjamin Steakhouse experience. Celebrities like Ray Liotta, Adrien Brody, Rosie Perez, Mario Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice T, Seth Green even Hillary Duff has been sighted enjoying the establishment.

Benjamin Steakhouse NYC, New mezzanine level

Benjamin Steakhouse NYC, New mezzanine level

Pinstripe Magazine was lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy the Benjamin Steakhouse experience in NYC and find out what it was all about. Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan at 52 East 41st Street, the dimly lit room gives off a similar ambiance to sitting near a fireplace, in fact there IS a 10 foot fire place. The establishment is unpretentious, relaxing and filled with the bustle and low roar of conversation from the patrons enjoying their drinks and meals. The interior is classy and inviting with rich beautiful wood, Romanesque pillars complete with a tall tray ceiling. A staircase brings you to a beautiful balcony where you get an excellent view of the establishment which leads you to the new Mezzanine level overlooking the main dining area, which can be reserved for private parties and gatherings.

The Benjamin Steakhouse isn’t just for food and drinks, they strive to make it an experience. Christian our waiter warmly greeted us as he quickly made us feel welcome and was there to help serve us through our time.  We began at the recommendation of the house, with a bottle of wine, a Trapiche Broquel, Malbec 2009, which was extremely smooth and paired wonderfully with steaks. Benjamin Steakhouse serves USDA prime meat that goes through a 28 day dry aging process to break down the meat and develop the robust flavor that just shines when you take a bite.

The anticipation I had now developed from our conversation and sipping the Malbec was making me hungry. The well heated plates were placed in front of us and our perfectly seared and rested steaks were served. The smell was excellent and I couldn’t wait to take my first bite of the Rib eye and I am not disappointed. The Rib eye was tender, juicy, perfectly medium with superb flavor, which led way to our Porterhouse steak, which was no slouch, also cooked to perfection with equally wonderful flavor. We unfortunately did not get a chance to try out the Benjamin house steak sauce. It didn’t even cross our minds, when a steak is this good, you just don’t ruin it with steak sauce, there’s no need.

We highly recommend the Benjamin Steakhouse experience, it was very reasonably priced and the staff will make you feel right at home.  It’s the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a day or to celebrate a special occasion with friends. If you can’t make it into mid-town, Benjamin Steakhouse also has another location in Westchester, 610 W. Hartsdale Ave, White Plains NY.

– Benjamin Steakhouse


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