The 12 Deadly Dating Mistakes

Written by  Alex Matlock
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The 12 Deadly Dating Mistakes

The 12 Deadly Dating Mistakes


My own personal view point regarding a date is – you should never go on one. I tend to prefer get togethers and other pleasant activities, just not dates. But, if you do end up having to go on one, here are the 12 deadly dating mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Getting Drunk

While we all love a beer or two, specially because it helps you lose your inhibitions, getting wasted off your face so much so that you talk crap all night and act like a total idiot doesn’t really help on making a good first impression.  Make sure you keep an eye out on how much you drink as too much, screams either alcoholic or so insecure about the world that I need to get wasted to improve my reality.

2. Looking at other women

If we do manage to convince a woman to go on date with us, how would looking at other women make her feel? You know it’s all about feelings with them and I can easily tell you it won’t make her feel great.

Try to make the night about her and, keep the looking at others when you’re with your mates. A good way of staying focused, make sure you sit with your back at the crowd, this way there’s no distractions.

3. Talking about your ex

Women hate this, who cares if your ex was a total psycho? Who cares if she cheated on you? Nobody but you so, just get over it. You’ve just landed a date, do you think she wants to know all that crap? Avoid talking about your ex. Not having anything else to talk about only shows her that you’re insecure and still in love with your ex.

4. Being rude to the waiter/staff

Nobody hates a prick more than women. Chances are they worked as a waitress or something in the service industry once in her life, and you, making fun of the waiter or, complaining about the food, won’t help your situation at all. I mean, just eat your damn soup, who cares if it’s cold? If she’s a complainer, or a rude to waiter type of person, you can either join in, or hate her…you’re choice.

If you really can’t hold it in, make sure you’re as polite as you can be as, diplomacy goes a long way.

5. Letting her pay the bill

I’m sure you read it or heard it somewhere that you should never buy girls drinks. Well that same book/person probably also told you to never go on dates. So here you are, at a date and it’s time to pay. Never and I do mean never let a girl pay on dates.

Yes some women are independent, she’s her own woman and all that but, she will appreciate it if you offer this to her. You’re not a looser; you’re just a guy who thinks that she deserves not to pay for the meal because she graced you with her company. If she is one of those who just can’t have the guy paying for them, at least offer to, and then let her pay for her share.

6. Talking/texting on your cell phone

Why would you be on a date with her if you’re texting/talking with someone else on the phone? Remember, it’s her night, it’s her time, a real man like yourself gives her his full undivided attention, at least for the 2 hrs duration of the meal/date.

Spending time on your phone shows just how much you DON’T care about her or about this date plus you have no social skills since this is considered rude in any sort of social convention.

7. Constantly talking about yourself or how beautiful she is

Again the night should be about her. The more she talks the better. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be talking at all but, talking too much about your achievements, how much money you have or all this other non-sense you’re so proud off, isn’t the way either.

Also make sure you don’t end up complimenting her all night. She didn’t come out with a loser who is just going to blab on and on about how great she is and how lucky he is to be on a date with her. Compliment her once when you meet her and leave it there, maybe slip one more in but that’s it. Stay focused on making her feel good, that’s all you need to be doing.

8. Assuming she’ll sleep with you after buying dinner

A lot of guys assume that if they go on a date with a woman, pay for dinner, she will automatically take him home to sleep with her. Wrong… the outcome of the date will rely solely on what you do at the date. Its common sense for you to pay for it and your success with her will only depend on the way you make her feel, or by how much fun she had. Again focus your energy on making her feel good and the outcome of the date will be rewarding.

9. Letting her end the date

Never, under any circumstances, let the date drag on and on until she eventually says it’s time to go. Now, don’t rush it either but, rather feel when it’s closing to an end and finish it slightly sooner, when it’s still great. This way, she will have a perfect date, one that didn’t get to a point where it felt boring.

10. Eating like a pig

If you’re mother didn’t tell you, I will do it now. Do not stuff your face with all the food you see in front of you, do not eat with your bare hands and keep your mouth closed. Also, talking with your mouth full is not sexy, not to mention the fact that your lovely puree can land in her hair.

Avoid foods like garlic and onions, you should be planning some make out sessions by the time the date is over and garlic won’t really help your situation.

11. Judging everything she says

The girl is here to have a good time. She didn’t accept to go out with you, to have you argue and judge everything she says. “No psychics aren’t real! Democracy sucks, communism is better!” None of that should be happening, try to focus on seeing her points of view; you don’t have to agree with them but yet to see them from her point of view. Whenever I hear something that is ridiculous and really stupid I tend to use “That’s an interesting point of view…” It should get you out of the water and you can simply change the subject. You don’t have to agree with her on everything, that’s even worse, it’s like you have no personality. Keep it normal.

If you ever run out of things to say, talk about reality and your perception of it. E.G “When I see a man and a woman walking down the street, together, I automatically assume they’re a couple. Is that wrong?” And then she starts talking about that totally harmful thing that can’t have contradicting opinions and your date should go on well.

12. Turn up dirty/sweaty/stinky just darn awful

While some girls like messy guys, many many more of them like clean guys. Play it safe trooper.

There you have it, next time you’re caught having to go on a date, make sure you don’t do any of these stupid things and it should end in the sack!

This is the same mentality I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit theplayerguide.com – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct (fruitful) methods of meeting and seducing women.

Written by our expert in dating and woman psychology, Alex Matlock.


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