Sockscription to Men’s Luxury Socks

Written by  Brian Campanelli
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Sockscription to Men's Luxury Socks, Blacksocks

Sockscription to Men's Luxury Socks, Blacksocks

Typically us guys are lazy about certain things and one of those things is shopping. We just want to have the men’s clothing we want without spending all day trying on things, dragging from one dressing room to the next.

Well how about a Sockscription to Men’s Luxury Socks? Starting at $89 a year with shipping, Blacksocks.com will send you 3 pairs of identical black socks every 4 months so you don’t have to bother looking. You need them, you lose them and they go with everything!

Check out these luxury socks from BlackSocks, made in Milan Italy. Created from a blend of Peruvian Pima Cotton, Polyamide and small percentage of Lycra, Blacksocks luxury socks are comfortable, breathable and quality socks. They feel great and come in a variety of styles and colors. They have sold 3 million socks since 1999, but they sell more then just luxury socks, underwear and undershirts too!

– Check out your sockscription at blacksocks.com


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