Nikon fesses up to D4 and D800 problems

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Nikon D4 and D800 DSLR, viewfinder, focus, lockup issues

Nikon fesses up to D4 and D800 problems

The two camera giants, namely Nikon and Canon are not impervious to problems with their top tier products as seen with the Canon 5D MK III light leak issue and now with Nikon’s viewfinder, focus and lock-up issues. If you dropped some cash on a Nikon D800 or Nikon D4 you may want to just double check your unit. Bare in mind that Nikon fesses up to D4 and D800 problems, but supposedly secluded to a run of cameras that had issues.

The D800 viewfinder issue can be identified when you auto-focus and the frame comes into focus once you slowly lean in towards your shooting subject. Nikon has already provided a work around for the lock-up issue, which is to disable both highlight and RGB histogram displays. The permanent patch or fix requires the unit to be shipped back to Nikon for a factory modification. Unfortunately you may need to foot the bill for shipment. According to Lee Morris of fstoppers.com his Nikon D800 works fine, but his buddy “Steve” sent his camera back twice to Nikon to get fixed properly and had to foot the shipping bill each time! Nightmare…

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