Fastest Street Cars Showdown min 650hp to enter

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Fastest Streetcar Showdown, minimum 650 hp to enter

Fastest Street Cars Showdown min 650hp to enter

As technology grows and DIY is rampant, the Muscle car era of naturally aspirated engines is slowly being left behind and building your own turbo rocket on 4 wheels is available for anyone with the money for parts and some elbow grease. Enhanced computer brains and modified ECU’s, Stage III chips, superchargers, turbos are just some of the mods that come attached to the speed nuts and tinker junkies from the around the country that gathered this past weekend in Texas for a race day on the airstrip to claim the title of king of the mountain. The Fastest Street Cars Showdown, requires a min of 650hp to enter and a rolling start up to 60 mph begins the stroll to a maximum racing distance of 1,450 ft at top speeds upwards of 200mph!

A few weeks ago we showed you some of the hottest and fastest super cars from the NY International Auto Show and we’re back to show you some of the HP that is found at the wheel. These super-modified street cars are required to have a minimum of 650 hp usually from multiple turbos to even be eligible to compete. The Texas Showdown airstrip drag race day for the Fastest street cars, orchestrated by the Texas Speed Syndicate drew exotic, import and domestic street racers from all over the country. Ford GT40, Porsche, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Supra, Pontiac Trans Am all made appearances and what’s a drag race without the dominant Nissan GT-R. Unfortunately the Nissan GT-R has some engine failure, check out the video below to find out who Wins!

Check out some of the race day footage below:

Watch the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera toy with the Porsche and right at about the 42 second mark, see she hands the Porsche’s ass right to her.

via Motoramic


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