Edge Shave Gel makes men more well endowed!

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Edge Shave Gel makes men more well endowed.

Jason Jones – The Daily Show, Chad Mendes – UFC Fighter, Anthony Morton – Artist

Edge Shave Gel makes men more well endowed! No that’s not what we are talkin about, they have pills and surgery for that. Pinstripe Magazine is happy to  announce Edge Shave Gel’s new campaign designed to make men more well endowedJason Jones of The Daily Show will be acting as the brands Edge Fund Manager and will be personally selecting men to receive Edge Endowments ranging from $50 – $10,000! Jason Jones and a panel of experts award a new batch of applicants with Edge endowments each week through May and June of 2012!

PM is all about talented up and coming designers, entrepreneurs and business men which is why this is such a great opportunity for you ambitious guys out there. Some recent winners include Anthony Morton, who Edge Endowments helped him go from an unknown student artist in search of gallery space to having his artwork spotlighted on the biggest canvas he had ever worked on, a huge NYC billboard. Meanwhile, Team Edge winner Chad Mendes went from underdog to top contender in the UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  In 2012, the brand is again looking to give guys an edge – with a team of Edge Men, including Morton, Mendes and Jones, to help identify guys in need of an endowment.

“I’ve teamed up with Edge to take on the role of Edge Fund Manager because I know what it’s like to be a well-endowed man, and I want to help others get ready for the same level of well-endowedness,” said Jones. “As a cutting-edge TV correspondent, I interview incredibly important people and report on the most riveting news in America. In working with Edge I plan to put my investigative journalism skills to use by helping identify guys who need a little edge in life and providing them with various-sized Edge Endowments so they can potentially become one of the incredibly important people that I will interview one day.”
– Jason Jones of The Daily Show

All men need to do to enter to be considered for endowment;

is tweet Jones via the @EdgeShaveZone Twitter handle and tell him why you need an edge. Use the hashtag #WellEndowed

or you can apply via www.edgeshave.com


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