Buben & Zorweg unveils the Grand Aficionado

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BUBEN & ZORWEG unveils The Grand Aficionado

BUBEN & ZORWEG unveils The Grand Aficionado

Buben & Zorweg unveils the Grand Aficionado. The Grand Aficionado is not just a Luxury cabinet, it is a beautifully German crafted luxury watch winder/safe/humidor/wine cabinet/entertainment system, for lack of better term, for a Gentleman‘s luxury items. It even contains a safe and carries with it a German security certificate; safety class VdS I (BUBEN & ZORWEG Safe SI-60) for your fine items and luxury timepieces.

It doesn’t just hold watches, the Vinum version of the Grand Aficionado comes with a climate controlled wine cabinet equipped with carousel that holds up to 8 bottles of wine, alternate storage for an additional 8 bottles of wine and Satellites with a total of 12 TIME MOVER®, humidor for your fine cigars, bar and wine cork display.

The Tempus Version comes equipped with a double-sided carousel for 27 TIME MOVER® and bar. Additional storage for mens’ luxury timepieces and jewelry in drawers and Satellites with additional 12 TIME MOVER®, humidor, bar and pen display and BUBEN & ZORWEG Fine Timepiece with 8-day spring-driven movement.

BUBEN & ZORWEG unveils The Grand Aficionado

BUBEN & ZORWEG unveils The Grand Aficionado

Both of these beautifully crafted German safe’s comes available with complete with digital controls and optional HiFi system equipped with Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod docking station. But you better be ready to shell out, fine Gadget cabinets for guys by BUBEN & ZORWEG have been known to run into the 6-figure range.

available through buben-zorweg.com


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