Viva Utopia speaker by Focal-JMlab

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Viva Utopia speaker by Focal-JMlab

Viva Utopia speaker by Focal-JMlab

Check out this beautiful speaker from the French Hi-Fi company, Focal-JMlab. The Viva Utopia speaker measures at up to 3 feet tall and can be used as a horizontal standing center channel speaker or a vertical standing , left and right or rear speaker. Focal-JMlab will optimize each speaker for the specific configuration prior to shipping. This high fidelity speaker is a work of art and is sure to impress you both visually and with the robust sound that will fill your room.

Constructed with a convenient detachable speaker stand with multiple configurations, the 3 way reference speaker uses the Utopia Trademarked technologies: Beryllium, IAL2™, Focus Time™, W™, Power Flower™, OPC+™, Gamma Structure™ that the Utopia line uses to create the vibrant and audiophile quality sound you hear.

Tonal Balance, dynamic range and power with a perfect mid-range tone is achieved with internal ports connected to the outer cabinets and then to a pair of 8-inch woofers and then to the center cabinet where the mid-range drive and tweeter are located. This pushes more air and channels it through finally ending up to thicken the mid range sound. It can be conveniently used in either stereo or home theater speaker configuration. That is one beautiful center channel speaker! Used in pairs they are perfectly matched and will give you the ultimate in audiophile quality reproduction of movies and Music.

The speaker unit is made up of Two 8 “(21cm) “W” woofers Power Flower 6 1/2″ (16.5cm) “W” mid-range 1″ (27mm) IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, Frequency response 39Hz – 40kHz, Sensitivity 92 dB, Nominal/Minimal impedance 8/3.2, Filtering frequencies 270Hz / 2200Hz, weighs 125lb (57kg) 176lb (80kg) with stand,

Available for $12,500.00 from focal.com


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