Intel launches Ivy Bridge Core processor line

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Intel launches Ivy Bridge Core processor line

3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor

Intel launches Ivy Bridge Core processor line

For all you tech geeks out there, Intel has just officially launched the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge core processor line. The new Intel chip at 22nm performs 20 percent faster while using 20 percent less power then the previous generation Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs. The Ivy Bridge processor includes an on-board HD Graphics 4000 GPU, yep on the chip!

The Ivy Bridge CPU has been cut in size from its predecessors; namely the 45nm Penryn and Nehalem, the 32nm Westmere and Sandy Bridge. Intel’s 3D Tri-Gate system, a clever way to build and stack the transistor layout vs laying them all out side by side in a square, which allows to triple the transistors is responsible for the reduction in size and increase in performance.

The on-board HD Graphics 4000 GPU supports Microsoft DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1, along with Intel Quick Sync Video 2.0 and includes USB 3.0 support and PCI express 3.0 for the Ivy Bridge Core processor line.

The Core i7 CPU and friends will also offer integrated Intel Secure Key and Intel OS Guard offer increased security against privilege escalation attacks like someone taking control of your webcam or microphone or just takes over control of the system entirely.

Ivy Bridge Core processors are installed and available in systems from Sony, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and no doubt more to follow shortly. Apple has even displayed evidence that they are gearing up to launch a new MacBook Pro line with the newly launched Ivy Bridge architecture. Exciting times folks.

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