Easy Cocktails from VnC

Written by  Richard Lazzaro
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VnC Cocktails

Next time you throw a house party, get together or dinner date at home, Pinstripe Magazine has the perfect suggestion for you to seem like the expert Mixologist and impress the ladies. (Mixologist, the cooler term for bartender or cocktail geek) Forget about buying the mixers and expensive bottles of alcohol. Instead, we suggest getting a bunch of VnC Cocktail bottles. These VnC Cocktails are ready-to-serve cocktails so you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen mixing drinks for your guest.Every bottle of VnC Cocktails is made with 100% natural fruit juice and no artificial preservatives, additives, or colors. All cocktails include 13.9% New Zealand vodka or premium tequila. The eye catching bottle reflects VnC’s core values of being 100% natural and New Zealand made. VnC’s cocktails are lightweight, affordable, and easy to pour and store and at 150 calories or less a serving, the ladies will definitely love you. For more information and cocktail recipes visit VnCcocktails.com.

The VnC Cocktail we strongly suggest purchasing and know women will like is the VnC Vodka Mojito. Not only do you save on buying mint but you also don’t have to worry about slaving away making the drink. Enjoy!

VnC Vodka Mojito


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