Are Google Glasses cool? Oakley thinks so

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Are Google Glasses cool? Oakley thinks so

Are Google Glasses cool? Oakley thinks so

If you are a gadget guy, you have probably already heard about google glasses. You may or may not think it’s the next best thing in gadgets, Oakley seems to think so. Oakley, who makes quality sunglasses for sports and active guys is creating some of the coolest looking versions of Google Glasses out there. If they are anything like the concept photo above, they are hot and hopefully will be crafted from the patented and virtually indestructible Oakley X-Metal.

Think Google Glasses are dorky? They are, but it’s not the first time the idea of a headset computer has been suggested or even developed, like HUD style Star Wars targeting window or maybe a HUD helmet for elite military forces.  Still it’s a cool idea and every gadget guy has envisioned a time where a HUD style computer for a human is reality. Can you picture a Navy SEAL rising up from the water wearing those, looking a bit like Terminator, coming to take you out?

Oakley is no stranger to strapping some electronics to their eyewear products, like the integration of an mp3 player, bluetooth, earphones into glasses and also an HUD into ski goggles.

There is no time frame yet for the glasses from Oakley, but if Google Glasses is going to take off, encasing it inside of a sick pair of Oakley sunglasses is not a bad way to go.

via Gizmodo; Bloomberg.com


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