A Guy’s guide to getting Ripped abs fast

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a Guy's guide to getting ripped abs fast

a Guy's guide to getting ripped abs fast, Photo by Ronald Lee

This article will alarm you because it is not one of those run of the mill articles that focuses only on exercise for guys, it’s more of a guy’s guide to getting ripped abs fast. No doubt exercise is important to improve your appearance, but more important than it is the body being in the right condition. Ripped abs will never be possible for any guy if the body is flabby with a low metabolic rate.

Maintaining a high metabolic rate is the key to getting ripped abs fast. A high metabolic rate creates a cycle of sorts. It first makes the body crave for energy. The body uses fat reserves to meet the energy craving. What you need to do is maintain lean muscle by consuming high protein foods. Lean muscle helps maintain high metabolic rate.

Three main factors contribute to a high metabolic rate.

  • Lean Muscle Mass – More energy is required to maintain this than maintaining fat.
  • Exercise – This burns fat, tones the body and builds muscles.
  • Calorie Consumption – Eating raises the metabolic rate and leads to burning fat.

Understanding Metabolic Rate and Muscle Mass

Eating raises metabolism while starving or reducing calorie intake reduces it. When there is calorie deficiency the metabolic rate lowers and the body begins losing fat as well as muscle mass. When aiming at building ripped abs, muscle loss should be avoided.

Exercise to Maintain Muscle Mass

Now, that the significance of maintaining high metabolic rate has been explained it is time to focus on how to maintain muscle mass. Ripped muscles can be developed when the body has muscle mass. The best way to maintain muscle mass is through an intense resistance training program done at least five days a week. The exercises must not focus on any particular body part but incorporate the whole body.

Maintaining Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate cannot be maintained by hitting the gym once a day and relaxing through the day. If you are sitting around at work or in school your body will expend hardly any energy and in the process it will use fewer calories. Incorporating short bouts of workouts every few hours will ensure the body maintains its high metabolic rate and muscle mass. You can run up a few flights of stairs every few hours or do any exercise that uses body weight. It is a simple concept that allows you to give the entire body a quick workout.

Remember if you want ripped muscles real fast you will need to ensure that you burn extra calories. A quick way to burn those calories is by doing the following exercise one after another until you build a real sweat and cannot do another rep even if your life depends on it.

  • Crunches
  • Push ups
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Sit ups

Do this exercise routine at least 5 days a week. Each exercise must be performed three times and the complete routine 5 times. You can take a break for a minute between routines. Do this in the morning as it will help tick the metabolism. These can be the basic exercise you do along with muscle strengthening through flex belt which you can purchase at low price using a flex belt coupon . Do not starve yourself, eat healthy foods and get your energy from complex carbohydrates from whole grains, beans and vegetables. Eat fruits to get simple sugar. You do this and your road to ripped abs would be made easy.

-Written by James Wendt

Author Bio:
James is a fitness lover and he loves to blog on diet plans, tips and exercises that help you know how to lose belly fat effectively. You can visit his blog at http://bellyfat360.com.


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