Top 5 Men You Should Know in NYC – March 2012

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Every now and then Pinstripe Magazine features male celebrities in our section Men You Should Know. This time around for the month of March we are letting other men take the thrown on our Men You Should know Section. We have hand picked each guy who has demonstrated leadership and excellence in their fields. On March 20th, from 6pm – 10pm at Veranda we will honor these Men for their accomplishments and successes. Here are the top 5 businessmen you should know in New York City. Introducing the following:

Jay McNary
Jay graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in International Business. He later began his work Career as an Intern with BCBG and was quickly promoted to District Manager overseeing the Mid Atlantic. Jay McNary worked closely with Max and Mason to grow the brand from 45 stores to 100 before he left to his next position as Director of Retail with Rochester Luxury Clothing, to expand the brand Internationally into Europe. He also helped spearhead the Made to Measure Suiting Business in Europe with Copley, Joseph Abboud, and Jack Victor brands.

Finally in 2011 Jay McNary was hired with Calypso St Barth as the VP of Retail overseeing all stores in the US and an International store in St. Barth. We have seen his success grow rapidly as an intern to now VP and for this reason Jay McNary is someone you should know in NYC.


Matthew Gates:
Matthew grew up in a small town called Rocky Point, located in Long Island, New York. He started in the finance industry back in 2002 right after he graduated high school. Matthew Gates skipped college to take his series 7 and his series 65 when he was only 18 years old to then start working as a Senior VP of an undisclosed firm in Midtown, NY. At a young age he as done everything from private equity, IPOs’, commercial real-estate, franchising, as well as equity trading on a day to day basis and is also fully insurance licensed as accident/health. Now at 28 he is a Senior VP/Investments at Joseph Gunnar, which is a firm located next door to the New York Stock Exchange and known for being a full service broker-dealer dedicated to assisting investors achieve their financial goals. This August will mark Matthew’s 11th year in the industry. We congratulate him for being such a young businessman and taking the initiative of starting his career at a young age.


Franco Porporino Jr:
Franco, born in Wayne New Jersey in August 1973, divides his time between offices on both sides of the Hudson. Another guy in finance Franco Porporino Jr. has been a force under the radar on Wall Street since 2001. His options strategies, trading short duration volatility, have consistently outperformed and generated alpha for high net worth and institutional clients, across diverse and challenging market conditions and cycles.

A proud Italian whose family hails from Cosenza, Calabria, he loves all things Italian—bespoke Brioni Italian suits, his white Maserati GranTurismo, melt-in-your-mouth fresh buffalo mozzarella and the softening tannins of well-aged Sassicaia.

Franco has worked for vFinance Investments from 2001 to 2011 when he launched the Nero Fund, which has associates in London, Tokyo, Singapore and Lima, Peru.

He’s been known to drive two hours delivering a catered dinner to a friend going through a rough patch on Thanksgiving Day and rarely does he turn down the opportunity to help someone out. Presently, he’s starting a Foundation to feed disadvantaged children. Franco is a person to trust and a man who stands out from the crowd. This is why Pinstripe Magazine recognizes Franco Porporino Jr. as one of the Top Men you should know in NYC.


Fabrice Armand:
Fabrice is someone else who loves assisting those in need. He is now the President of Fabrice J. Armand Inc.; a company helping clients unlock the impossible. His experience in marketing began 10 years ago with J and L marketing. Here he was essential in helping car dealerships obtain and exceed their sales goal throughout the US. He worked at St. Johns and O’Melveny Myers where he learned to harness his ability. He then worked as the Marketing Coordinator at the American Civil Liberties Union where he was responsible for the organization’s internal and external marketing and fundraising initiatives. During his tenure at the ACLU, he created with his supervisor the canvassing program that provided an extra 2 million of dollars of revenue for the company.

Mr. Armand recognizes the need to give back through the support of organizations and causes that make a difference in the lives of others. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of The Global Syndicate, a nonprofit organization that provides financial support to organizations focused on improving socio-economic, education, and development challenges of impoverished communities around the world. Mr. Armand also is a member of the Board of Directors for Fund Art Now, a nonprofit organization that promotes global discourse on fundamental issues inherent to the human condition. In August of 2011, he was honored and voted as the youngest person to ever serve on the Board of the Haiti Cultural Exchange a nonprofit organization established to develop, present and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. The organization seeks to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education and public affairs.

Fabrice passion for the arts led him to produce with Stuart Film, Michaela Productions, and Browntown Entertainment the first Broadway play that highlighted the similarities between the struggles of Henry Box Brown (a slave that mailed himself to freedom in 1848 and four Haitian guys who are trying to ship themselves to America). The play received many raving reviews and is currently being considered for several awards.

In November of 2011, with his fellow Board Members, he created the First Ever Haiti Film Festival that displayed movies from directors and producers from France, Montreal, Haiti and the US. In December of 2011, he led a team to Haiti for 21 days in order to shoot the Haiti is ME campaign and Chronicle the economic and social progress that deserves media attention in Haiti.

Witnessing the disaster affecting his native country, Fabrice has raised over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars towards relief and rebuilding efforts of Haiti. He continues to focus on fundraisers that not only help his native country financially but also educates people of the intrinsic beauty of the culture and people of Haitian. Within the past year he has focused his fundraising attention on three pillars “Haiti, the arts and children growing up in challenging circumstances” His expertise in fundraising is beyond parallel, he has worked with the Mayor’s fund, Evidence Dance Company, Marcus Graham Project, TR Luxury Group, and Success for Kids. His last fundraiser with the Mayor’s fund raised $500,000 in one night.

Pinstripe Magazine is a big believer in giving back to your community and Fabrice Armand has gone beyond to give back not only to his native country but others as well. He is definitely someone you need to know.


Daniel Saynt:
Daniel specialized in emerging technologies and influencer marketing and has helped direct social media campaigns for Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, H&M and more recently Rebecca Minkoff where he has been instrumental in the brands leadership in Social Media as Director of Marketing. Saynt is best known as the founder of Fashion Indie, an online media network that at its height reached nearly 4.2 million consumers.

His work at Minkoff has included well-received campaigns with Bloglovin, Polyvore, Instagram, Lookbook.nu, Facebook, Twitter and over 100 of the world’s most prolific fashion and beauty bloggers.

Positioning the independent brand as a social media leader amongst larger players such as Donna Karen and Burberry, Saynt’s efforts have led to stories and profiles by Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Luxury Daily, PRWeek, New York Magazine, Entrepreneur, WWD and now PinstripeMag.

Saynt has recently exited Rebecca Minkoff to launch the Socialyte.Collective, an international talent agency that connects creatives with high social influence to fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Daniel Saynt is someone we consider an influencer in fashion and social media, which is why we also selected him as one of the men you should know in March 2012. We will be honoring him plus the rest of the guys above next Tuesday, March 20th at Veranda, 130 7th Ave South, NYC from 6-10pm. To RSVP please click here.

See you all there to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of these men.


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