Samsung DA-E750 audio dock

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Samsung DA-E750 audio dock

Samsung DA-E750 audio dock

Samsung has become the Sony of today with regards to consumer electronics a paradigm shift has been in effect, from LCD/LED HDTV, 3DTV, mobile devices Samsung has swung the pendulum in their favor. The Samsung DA-E750 audio dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier is a great addition to any bachelor pad.

Samsung DA-E750 audio dock top

Samsung DA-E750 audio dock top

Samsung is also no stranger to High-End audio and the Samsung DA-E750 audio dock offers beautiful retro-modern polished wooden case available in black or cherry stain.  At the CES this year, Samsung showed off its digitally powered speakers with built in vacuum tube pre-amps. With standard 3.5mm headphone and usb inputs, the DA-E750 is also wireless with AirPlay, AllShare Play as well as Bluetooth 3.0 w/aptX.

The 2.1 stereo speaker system, 100 Watts of power with built-in down-firing subwoofer, pushed through its fiberglass speakers with cool 12AU7 tubes for visual appeal will fill your room with full vibrant sound and also a nice accessory to your bachelor pad. Supports both the Galaxy S smartphones as well as the iPhone, iPod, iPad devices with a unique dual docking structure. MP3, WMA and WAV file formats supported, so you can also plug in your usb stick, or external HD to play your favorite music.

Available this spring from Samsung and retails for $800. J & R currently has the Samsung DA-E750 audio dock on pre-order for $699.


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