NetZero offers Free WiFi for a year

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NetZero offers Free WiFi for a year

NetZero offers Free WiFi for a year

On Monday, NetZero announced that they will be offering free wireless broadband service for the first year.

You won’t be cluttered with ads for their free service! NetZero are offering ad free, free wireless broadband service to attract more customers. The free accounts are limited by 200mb per month which won’t get you very far, but if your only checking emails from your mobile device, this may be of no consequence to you. Once your free mileage ends for the month, you are simply prompted to upgrade from NetZero.

If free just isn’t for you, NetZero offeres for $9.95 a month, 500mb of traffic and for $50 a month you get 4gigs of data transfer per month. NetZero uses clearwire’s technology which is the base network for Sprint and like T-Mobile has problems when your inside a building.

NetZero will be offering two types of plans, one will be a free service, throttled at a 1-mbit connection, and the other a 10-mbit connection.  Here’s the catch, you need to buy the hardware. $50 usb antenna stick that will plug into your laptop or a $100 mobile hotspot that you can carry with you, just like Verizon’s MIFI or AT&T’s mobile hotspot devices.

“NetZero is bridging the digital divide by letting consumers purchase a secure, quality, mobile broadband service at very affordable prices with plans designed to meet the consumers’ data needs,” said Mark R. Goldston, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of United Online, the company that owns the NetZero brand. “Our service gives customers the freedom to take the Internet anywhere in our coverage area, without being tied to public WiFi service or having to purchase higher-cost, sometimes multi-year plans offered by other mobile broadband providers. With NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, there are no contracts or commitments.”


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