Looking for Something New…Try Australian Fashion

Written by  Ana Vigo
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Perspective Apparel

Perspective Apparel

Partying the night away at one of NYC’s hotspots, I was introduced to a rare species…Nothing as rare as a sober Lindsay Lohan or a coked up Warren Buffet, not that kind of rare, that’s the kind of rare you can only wish for knowing it will never happen!  I met something closer to reality, yet as far away from American territory as you can get…I met an Australian!  My new Aussie discovery is named Lachlan Kirwan (I bet you’ve never heard that name before) but the reason he’s relevant to Pinstripe and its followers, is because he is one of the creators of Perspective Apparel, one of the up and coming Australian fashion companies taking everyone “Down Under.”

Lachlan gave me an exclusive view of his collection, and if you’re tired of seeing your brother, your cousin and your friends wearing the same crappy blazer you just bought at H&M, then you need to check out Perspective Apparel.  Their line brings a new and fresh look at fashion, from the risky MC Hammer look-alike jeans to the offensive stonewashed shirt showing a hanging Jesus.  Metrosexual at times, angry rock and roller ocassionally but without a doubt, different!  And in the ever-competing world of fashionable trendy men, different is all that matters. 😉

Make sure to check out my favorites:  The Bykerk Shoe (Olive green with brown contrast loafers) and the SJW Running Back Black (Slim fitting jacket with cotton and leather contrast. Chunky rib on collar with removable hood).

Final Warning!! As the writer of this article I shall make it illegal for you to purchase their underwear unless you are:  1. Australian, 2. European, 3. An American boy whose sexuality rhymes with May!  Cheers.




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