Cynthia K Cortes

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Cynthia K Cortes

NYC born and raised Cynthia ‘Karin’ Cortes is our Pinstripe Girl of the Month. Cynthia, of Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican decent is not only a beautiful face, she is also a talented photographer, producer, model and Deputy Chief / Co-Owner of the Sexy, Art, Lifestyle magazine for men called KARIN + RAOUL. She is best known for her seductive self portraits, which began 16 years ago. Pinstripe Magazine had a chance to sit down and interview her in NYC after coming back from Red Dot/Art Basel Miami where she showed some of her work. Keep reading to learn more from the Q&A we had with ‘Karin’ and scroll down to see some of Cynthia’s work and tantalizing self portraits.

What is the most memorable photoshoot you have done?
When I was shot by Sante D’Orazio – a good friend. The experience was exhilarating, and empowering. I loved it and I love him!

When I did the shooting… I would have to say shooting for STK. They gave me my 1st big AD campaign. It was a very casual experience – all women in the room which is very unusual {in the photo world that is} until one of the other owners, Jonathan Segal walked in; nearly at the end of the shoot. What was wonderful working with the ‘One group’; they allowed me space to be creative. I am very thankful to them.

What do you do when you are not taking pictures?
I am always busy. I spend a great deal of time working on my magazine – Karin and Raoul. When I’m not doing either shooting or K+R… I travel! I have a deep hunger to explore the world, and couldn’t imagine a life without travel.

So what was your experience last year at Art Basel? We loved the work you showed at Red Dot in Miami, tell us about what went down.
I would have to say I felt blessed for the opportunity to be part of such prestigious event. I had my own both – it was both a learning experience {nerve wrecking} as well as a huge gold rush!! I was beyond excited that I wanted to cry!!!

We love that you shoot nude!
Do you get fans that stalk you after seeing your personal work?

Yes… I have a few stalkers but who doesn’t? I think most of them are harmless. I do however love the “love letters” I get from some of them!! As long as they don’t turn up at my door step or studio – we are good!

What is it about the naked body that you enjoy shooting?
Is not so much about the “naked body” but the moment… capturing the mood, the sentiment. The naked body can say so many things depending how it’s being shot and captured. It can be a vulnerable experience all together. People find the naked form to be erotic and sensual… of course, and it is! I just find it to be beauty in its simplest form! My favorite part of a women’s body would be photographing the stomach area and legs… I love long legs!

We love long sexy legs!

What’s the worst way you’ve embarrassed yourself at work?
Whenever I have picked up my camera and everyone on set is looking at me; I’m ready to shoot, and my lens cap is on my lens… I absolutely HATE that, and it’s embarrassing! Quite frankly, this has happened a few times already – I should know better to check before I bring my camera to my face!

What’s next for Cynthia K Cortes?
I have been confirmed to show in the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea. This show will be announced in a couple of months. And there is a project that I will be working on with another artist – a collaboration. This one has me screaming “wet” in my knickers!!! I happen to admire this artist – It’s really going to be a great honor to work with him! I know I’m being vague but I would like to keep the suspense going until we are ready to make the official announcement.

There’s a couple of shows lined up… However all are too soon to discuss. If all happens accordingly – It will all lead me to many more great adventures. One of my main goals is to have a show in Asia… Either Hong Kong or Japan. We will see what the future holds – I think I can, I think I can!