Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone

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Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone

Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone

Vertu and Ferrari have teamed up together to bring you the Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone. Inspiried and modeled after the 458 Italia dream supercar of the infamous Ferrari. Vertu and Ferrari have been making phones together since 2007.

Available for a cool $12,000, the Constellation Quest Ferrari features exclusive services and content.  Opus and Vertu provide you with inside info and behind the scenes content in the world of Ferrari, not to mention it becomes your one stop pass to exclusive events and experiences. They even made a proprietary button keyboard just for your Ferrari passport! Now isn’t that cool.

Vertu - Ferrari, Constellation Quest Sapphire Keyboard

Vertu – Ferrari, Constellation Quest Sapphire Keyboard

The Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone is also accented with Ferrari’s hand-crafted leather, the same as you find on a Ferrari GT, sapphire crystal keymat that takes up to 25 hours to create. Ahh it’s the little things…

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari, Leather case

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari, Leather case

Fabricated using Ferrari’s unique engine coating that is 1/50 of a human hair thickness and ten times harder than steel, the Constellation Quest Ferrari Mobile Phone is also protected with a titanium battery cover and what’s a $12,000 Ferrari smartphone without a slick fine leather case with Ferrari and Vertu logos on it.

Exclusive services like Vertu Concierge and Vertu City Brief, will give you expert assistance with exclusive events, priority bookings, extended benefits, club membership, exclusive information and reviews on fine dining, places to go, maybe you need a personal trainer or looking for VIP seating and access at a Ferrari championship race or looking for 24-hour support.

If that’s not enough, it comes with unique Hi-definition live recordings of screaming Ferrari Engines for your ringtones !

Available through www.vertu.com


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