Duckie Brown Menswear Fall Winter 2012

Written by  Marv Valladares
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We are definitely a fan of Duckie Brown and appreciate Steven Cox and Daniel Silver for taking a risk in fashion. However, we are not sure what their vision was when designing for Fall/Winter 2012. Do you remember Kwame from back in the early 90s? He was a rapper known for wearing polka-dot outfits. Is Duckie Brown trying to bring the early 90s, skater look and baggy clothes back, but this time instead of polka-dots he uses plaid? I’m sorry to say,  but this is not Steven Cox and Daniel Silver’s best work. I’m reminded of MC Hammer pants and pajamas when looking at this collection. However, there are two outfits in the entire collection that I would wear. Guess which ones they are. See the line below.



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