Agenda Streetwear Tradeshow NYC

Written by  Frank Mora-Lopez
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AgendaNYC- Showroom

AgendaNYC- Showroom

Monday January 23rd started like any other January day, cold and muggy. A bleak start to the day, but this did not interrupt the flow of press, buyers, and distributors. Also in attendance were manufacturers, suppliers, non-exhibiting sales reps and designers, all eager to seize the opportunity to mingle, size up the competition and purchase products for the upcoming seasons. The Agenda Tradeshow NYC has built a popular reputation in bringing buyers and brands from all ranges of streetwear and lifestyle companies.

At its new location, Agenda set the stage with a clean, white background with black accents throughout the exhibit showrooms. The main room featured a barber from Blind Barber, a DJ setup by Skull Candy and served Modelo Especial, along with vodka and Redbull to kept all attendees alert to browse and eager to spend. Two additional rooms housed the exhibiting brands, which included established brands like Vans, LRG, Adidas, DGK and Obey. However keeping it fresh, Agenda included upcoming brands like Moss NY, G.P.P.R., and Iron and Resin. Though there were plenty of clothing brands to check out, you could not ignore the presence of footwear brands. Gravis Footwear, Royal Elastics, Generic Surplus, Creative Recreation, Gourmet NFN, along with more skate-oriented like Osiris Shoes and Supra. Agenda’s attempt to bring together streetwear brands and lifestyle brands; though these seem more interchangeable than ever, has not gone unnoticed with the likes of G-Shock, Play Cloths and Frank’s Chop Shop.

This years show had plenty of buyers scoping out branding offerings, but also filling out plenty of order sheets. The atmosphere felt energetic as each rep attempted their pitch with each buyer. Also interesting enough brands this year focused on more accessories and especially, cut and sew than before, allowing them to reach a broader market. Unfortunately, these came at the price of a sea of plaid shirts. Though the outerwear pieces of brands seems to catch some originality. In the hustle of two days, booths did not seem at all tame, seats were constantly filled and booths active. At the end of the event, orders were placed, relationships were made and Agenda NYC achieved another successful tradeshow.


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