Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends going into 2012

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Pinstripe Magazine takes a look at the top 10 men’s fashion trends that took off in 2011 and are now carrying over into 2012. The following categories are items that are popular to men and also needed : shoes, suits, coats, boots, sweaters and jackets.

1. Saddle Shoes
Go sockless or embrace some color with a pair of saddle shoes, which is an alternative to a white buck or classic penny loafer.


2. One-Button Suits and Blazers
Suck in that tummy and go for a lean look. These one-button jackets give the body a longer, leaner appearance and super-slimming silhouette. Whether you go with a one, two or three button blazer, the most important thing here is that you actually own one and have some sort of blazer in your closet.


3. Scarves
Whether is winter or spring wrap up that neck with a stylish scarf. Mens scarves have always been traditionally a great addition to any look, adding the obvious function of warmth.


4. The Color Gray
Yes, Gray is the new black. Be it accessories, shoes, boots, suits or other clothes the color gray or shades of gray should make it into your wardrobe this year. In Spring 2012 we will see how Donna Karan uses the color gray to define the DKNY menswear line.


5. Bright Colors
Spice up your darker hues by mixing a pop of color into your wardrobe. Designer Andrew Buckler shows us how to integrate bright colors with our darks.


6. Boots
Wear them with jeans, suits, under shorts or with pants rolled up. Just wear them!! A brand that Pinstripe Magazine suggest you look at is Ahnu. These boots are comfortable, light, durable and feel like you are walking on air. This winter any boot from Ahnu’s casual, performance or cityscape collection will keep you looking polished.


7. Wool
It’s winter and yes guys the fabric of choice is wool. Many designers incorporate this fabric when designing for fall-winter. Everything from coats, suits, blazers and sweaters are made out of 100% wool or have at least a portion in it. So next time you go shopping make sure any of your suits, pants or coats have some sort of wool mixed in.


8. Trench Coats
Wear one in the spring, wear another one in the fall and wear a warmer one in the winter. Just get yourself one or two trench coats this year.


9. Chunky Knits
Cable knit sweaters like this are the perfect jacket alternative in transitional weather. Gilded Age, Nautica and Creep have some great selections to pick from.


10. Leather Jacket
Look rugged and invest in a fitted leather jacket. Wear it right and you will be sure to turn women’s heads.