Spice Up Your Sex Life

Written by  Elizabeth Gutierrez
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Spice up your sex life! As shocking as it may be for men, sex is also running through the minds of most women.  Although studies show that men think about sex a lot – every 7 seconds that is, according to the often repeated estimate.  Relationships often fail due to the lack of intimacy between couples.  Often the woman is placed with the blame.  Yes, we are faced with the heavy burden of keeping the house organized, maintaining a career, getting the brats to school (if you’re married with children), as well as trying to always find ways to keep you thinking we are attractive.  But who cares about all that, let’s talk about sex baby.  Below are a few ideas on how to keep the chemistry going and things HOT in the bedroom and out.

Be a little romantic

Often times, women get so wrapped up in the other roles she plays in life, she forgets that she is just as important.  Give her a private and passionate night where she’s reminded of the simple pleasures. By pleasures of course I mean the sensual type.  Turn on the candles, pour her a glass of wine and rub in the body oils.  The skin on skin contact is sure to set her libido into overdrive.

Play with toys

As adults we forget how much fun it was to play with toys.  Of course, the type of toys I’m referring to should be kept in a box with lock and key if you have children.  Women often share between themselves how much pleasure they get out of their little Rabbit.  No, we aren’t referring to the fluffy, white animal you find in pet stores.  We are talking about the wonderful vibrator.  If one little bunny can bring pleasure to her all alone, imagine what you can achieve if you play with it together.

Watch movies together

Ok, men are fully aware of how women love to torture them by making them watch those sappy love movies.  If you can endure this, then you can make her endure a little of your type of movies.  Yes, we’re speaking of adult movies.  Watching the “professional’s” go at it will only serve the purpose of improving  your technique in giving her pleasure.  She can’t argue with that position.  Yes pun intended!

Be a little spontaneous

Yes, life can become demanding and may eventually get in the way.  Therefore, we recommend having sex any where else but your bedroom.  If she’s taking a morning shower, hop in and help her lather up.  If she’s cooking dinner, help her become the dessert.  Come on men, the possibilities are endless.  Become creative, your woman will thank you later.

Role-play a little

Most women won’t admit to it, but they create sexy scenarios in their head often.  What do you think she’s doing while watching those movies she tortures you with.  Have a discussion with her about those sexy scenes and play them out with each other.  Don’t be afraid to let her know some of your ideas as well.  The role-playing will add some spice to your sex life.  Not to mention, it’s almost as good as having a different partner each time.    What woman wouldn’t prefer she be your “other woman”?


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