Lord Griffon’s Poker Inspired Collection

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Lord Griffon’s stylish pieces serve as good luck charms with a sultry twist. And who better to create a rock & roll, poker-inspired jewelry line than Suzie Lederer, wife of The Professor, poker legend Howard Lederer.
The Poker Collection, like everything from Lord Griffon, harbors a tough-chic aesthetic, a vintage allure and exudes a sexy irreverence. Made of heavy oxidized silver, the collection is edgy, easy-to-wear and versatile for day and night. The only difference about the poker line is that it occupies a much lower price point, averaging around $150 – $250.

Lord Griffon’s heavy symbolism evokes an empowering message despite the gothic feel of the line. The omnipresent griffon, with its eagle head and lion body, represents strength, loyalty, protection and healing. Meticulously hand crafted in Los Angeles, the collection also features artisan replicas of the fleur de lis, shields and antique crosses. And true to its poker inspiration, see also playing card motifs like the ace of spades.


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