February 13th is Mistress Day – Take her to Lantern’s Keep

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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“Walk up the stone steps, through the glass doors, across the lobby, and there you will find it: Lantern’s Keep, nestled deep inside the Iroquois Hotel walls.”

February 13th is Mistress Day and if you are that guy looking for a cool and private place to bring your lover then this is one place we recommend. Of course it’s also the perfect intimate spot to bring your friend, wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

Look no further for Lantern’s Keep – New York’s hottest new cocktail salon inside the Iroquois Hotel, featuring a warm setting and gorgeous fireplace, is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This hidden gem showcases hand-crafted cocktails by the charming head bartender, Theo Lieberman, as well as small plates and European wines. Inspired by the Temperance movement, blends such as the “New Yorker Highball,” “Poet’s Dream,” “Jungle Bird,” and “Honeymoon” will transport you back in time.

Aside from his dashing good looks, Theo is a self-proclaimed ‘Cocktail Geek’ and prides himself in a handful of classic and progressive cocktail recipes, using innovative techniques and the industry’s top bar tools. The gadgets and gismos that this guy has are truly amazing, including a device that can carbonate almost anything! Patrons love coming in, giving their favorite ingredients and watching him magically create a customized confection.

Pinstripe Magazine suggests ordering the Wildest Red Head. Made with fresh lemon juice, honey, Elizabeth Allspice Dram, blended scotch and Cherry Hering you really can’t go wrong with this bitter sweet ‘heaven in a glass’ creation.

The salon has the feel of a French art or poet’s salon, seating only thirty people, and is constructed with a variety of textured fabrics including velvet blue upholstery on the chairs, marble tables and a dark wooden décor. Follow the light of the lantern and step into a salon that is devoted to the art and enjoyment of great tasting cocktails. We suggest that you book your table for two by calling 212-453-4287.


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