Bring Romance Back to Valentine’s Day

Written by  Elizabeth Gutierrez
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Yes, it’s almost that time of year again.  For most, Valentine’s Day tends to be a very Hallmark type holiday, so we simply follow the normal chocolate and red roses route and forget that the true meaning of this day is infused by romance.  When a woman loves you, there isn’t a big need for dramatics.  Most women truly are happy with the simple things in life.  Pinstripe is giving you ample time to set it all up with a small guide on how to truly have a woman “be yours” this Valentine’s Day.

A perfect dinner for two

When it comes to creating romance, spending money should never be at the forefront.  Sometimes a woman is swept off her feet by the little details.  Insert the power of a home cooked meal.  Women love a man that knows his way around the kitchen.  If you’re not a big meal cooker, seafood (of course hoping she isn’t allergic to seafood) or pasta are always easy options.  If you’re in need of a good recipe, Google.com is a great place to start.  Dim the lights and create a romantic ambiance with some candles (if you want to get a little fancy throw a few rose petals on the dinner table).  Open a bottle wine and prepare to let your beautiful woman know just how much she means to you.

Buy her a blank card

No silly, we aren’t telling you to hand over a blank card to your lady.  Buy a blank card and fill it with your own romantic thoughts.  Be it your true confessions on how you adore the way her nose crinkles when she’s upset or something as deep as a poem by one of the masters (i.e. Oscar Wilde or Emily Dickinson).   Keep in mind that being original will always win you extra points.

The Beauty of Lingerie

Never feel ashamed if you are the only man in the lingerie department.  Truth be told the other men are jealous of your confidence and even more jealous that you have a woman that can’t wait to put it on for you.  It’s ok for you to shop for the sexy pieces you’d love to see your lady in or out of (who’s keeping track?).  Women tend to shop for lingerie with their own idea’s of what they believe you may find sexy, so it’s time you take the upper hand in this.  Most women generally tend to be very insecure about their body’s, but when she knows her man loves every imperfect part of her, imagine the possibilities.

Dig in

Just like you, woman can have a rough day as well.  In my mind there is nothing more romantic than a man saying “baby lie down, I’ll make you feel better”.  Pour some sensual oils on her and dig in.  Start at the shoulders and let your hands be your guide.  Don’t be afraid to explore your woman’s entire body.  After all, you did say you wanted to make her feel better.

Fill it up

Nothing says romance like filling up a tub with warm water, adding some bath salt and getting wet with your partner.  Bringing along some candles and champagne with strawberries isn’t a bad idea either.  Take the opportunity to remind her of all the reasons you fell in love with her or you can tell her what you’d love to do to her after you get out the tub.  The words can be endless, the giggles plentiful but romance will definitely be in the air.

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