10 New Years Resolutions to Improve your Appearance in 2012

Written by  Elizabeth Gutierrez
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As usual, with the new year comes the infamous “New Years Resolution.”  Many find themselves flocking to the gym to improve their physique, while others formulate a plan on conquering the world.  We forget the few simple things we can do (and not to mention easier), to improve your appearance.  Below are 10 simple grooming, as well as lifestyle resolutions to catch a lady’s eye in the new year.

Number 10:  Chew on This

We should all have our usual dentist check-ups every six months, but what happens to the months in between.  Keeping fresh breath is a VERY important part of keeping a lady’s attention.  Make it a habit to carry a pack of gum in your pocket to use between meals: the extra saliva in your mouth will help dislodge any food stuck in your teeth, as well as remove any odor from the delicious garlic infused pasta you just shared.

Number 9:  Make it Shine

As a woman, after looking at a man’s smile, I tend to look at a man’s shoes.  It not only gives character to a man, but I can always tell he knows how to take care of himself.   Yes, it’s a very easy thing to forget on your “to do” list, but remember; first impressions are usually the only impression a person needs to formulate an opinion on you. Granted, they are usually far fetched, but why risk it?

Number 8: Make Room to Groom

Since the beginning of the year is usually the chilly season, most men forget the importance of grooming.  No, not the nether region; although this isn’t a bad idea.  We mean the facial hair most men seem to slack on removing.  Yes, goatees are sexy, but even sexy takes time.  Take a moment and trim or even shave completely.  If you feel a hairless face makes you look too young, shave the day before and let the 5 o’clock shadow creep in. Remember men, when a woman is attracted to a man, she’s usually picturing herself kissing you.  We don’t want to picture an irritated face as well.

Number 7: Go Lean

If you are one of the MANY that has decided to add the gym to your New Years Resolution, then may we suggest adding a bit of protein to that routine? Lean protein will make you feel satiated on a low calorie count, making it ideal chow for guys looking to drop pounds and gain muscle mass. At lunch and dinner, try skinless chicken, turkey or fish, and opt for sugarless plain yogurt or a protein shake at breakfast.

Number 6: A Little Green Won’t Hurt Anyone

Another addition to the work out regimen would be filling up the larger portion of your plate with vegetables, which will lead to a trimmer, healthier you. More specifically, veggies that are high in fiber will keep you feeling full for longer, so if you’re trying to shed fat, they’ll help you accomplish your goal.

Number 5:  Don’t be Afraid of Scissors

With the new year, it’s normal to feel as if it’s time to start over.  Many forget how a simple hair cut can change your appearance.  If you’re the type to usually throw a hat on it, take it off.  If you think I’m wrong, when was the last time you heard anyone mention Justin Beiber’s hair (please do not pretend you don’t know who he is).  Choose a style that makes you resemble an old-school movie star if you’re looking to grab a woman’s attention.  A word to the wise though: no matter what hairstyle you decide on this year, cut back on the amount of hair products you use to help achieve healthier locks that are just begging to be have her fingers run through them.

Number 4:  Keeping it Smooth

Yes, we know.  Men like to be rugged and part of that ruggedness is to not use moisturizer.  But, remember that with regular use of the right moisturizer, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles will all be minimized — now and in the future. To be sure you’re buying a product that actually works, seek out a moisturizer that has Vitamin C or green tea listed among the first five ingredients on its label.  How sexy is it when a woman rubs your face and compares it to sandpaper?

Number 3:  Cover That Up

Just like women, men have those breakout moments as well.  No we aren’t speaking of the one’s where huge success falls on your lap.  We are referring to those pimples that seem to pop up just as you are excited about your first date with that sexy neighbor.  It may not feel like the manliest purchase you’ve ever made, but investing in a concealer may be one of the best investments you can make.  To figure out which product to buy, ask the hot sales girl at the store to help you select the right shade (don’t worry — she’ll actually think your request is cute). The one that blends into your skin and looks invisible is the one you want. To apply, dab a small amount of concealer directly onto your skin then use your finger to tap the product in gently until it disappears along with your zit.

Number 2:  Step Up the Style

If there is one thing that adds style to an outfit, it has to be a blazer.  When it’s a night out on the town and a suit is a bit much for the occasion, throw a blazer on it.  Be sure to pay attention to the style and if it can go with any ensemble.  A blazer that fits your body precisely will be a piece you live in and will give you a healthy dose of confidence.

Number 1:  Who Needs a Gym?

Ok ok!!  We couldn’t leave this off the list entirely.  With the fashion industry always focusing on fitness, we had to make sure you got your work out in there as well.  BUT, who needs an expensive gym membership?  P90X and Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT are two excellent examples of intense workout routines that will give you the cut body of your dreams. Just remember to tweak your workout approximately every four to six weeks to continually challenge your body and make your muscles really pop.



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