The Inbetweeners: Best movies of 2011, pick 3

Written by  Sal Kapoor
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The Inbetweeners: Best movies of 2011, pick 3.  Schools out, they’ve inherited some money, time for a lad’s jolly abroad!  Check out our pick 2 for best movies of 2011

And so we follow our virginal heroes on their feature length TV spin-off as they arrive at a hotel which could easily be a production set from “Holidays From Hell”, complete with a 50 euro fixed penalty, should they be unable to control their bowel movements. Does this minor setback dampen our hero’s spirit? No – it only strengthens their resolve to loose their virginity to St Tropez fake-tanned waif goddesses.

The Inbetweeners, Best movies of 2011, Pick 3

The Inbetweeners, Best movies of 2011, Pick 3

However, things are not as simple as they appear – there’s baggage en-route. Broken hearted Simon manages to repel any interested party with his ex squeeze mantra. Will, who pro-raters between a dandy Desecrates and sloshed-up Oscar Wilde, is informed by a dead ringer for Kiera Knightly, that’s he’s funny and doesn’t need to try and get laid. Neil hides the fact that before leaving Gatwick, his long-term girlfriend dumped him and Jay realizes, after offending a rather buxom northern girl that beauty is within.

With all these emotions riding high, it provides a possible catharsis that will change our protagonists and allow them to come of age. We are happy to report, neither do they have any profound Stand By Me soul-searching realizations or come any closer to discovering the meaning of life or love. How easily this could have disappointed us. Neither wiser nor judicious, they slip and slide into American Pie style gags and ensure that they can’t organize a piss up in a brewery.

All the clichés present them selves in a well-established blueprint for holiday movies; the bully who becomes undone, snorting from an colon-stashed note; the Casanova creep 6 o’clock shadowed smooching waiter and perhaps, most satisfying for us, the realization that the end of summer could spell big changes as they ponder their future against a hung over setting-sun.

More Gregory’s Girl and Porky’s, The Inbetweeners is a hilarious foreign stomp abroad delivering slapstick gags fueled by sexual frustration.

Hugh Hefner said that sex is the most powerful force in the universe – The Inbetweeners took his word as gospel.

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Sal Kapoor


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