Victorinox adds an All-In-One-More: Presentation Master Multitool

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Victorinox adds an All-In-One-More: Presentation Master Multitool

If you have ever been into pocket knives, you must have heard of Victorinox. Victorinox was the sole provider of pocket knives to the swiss army until 1893 and in 1908 the Swiss government split the contract between Victorinox and Wenger to avoid any talk of favoritism. Victorinox adds an All-In-One-More, the Presentation Master Multitool. Victorinox known for their quality and hardness of blade while, Wenger known for their self-sharpening scissors.

Victorinox Presentation Master Multitool Pocketknife

Victorinox Presentation Master Multitool Pocketknife

What’s unique about this knife is, not only can you file your nails and pick your fingers with it, you can also show a power point presentation off of it! That’s right, This Victorinox pocket knife features a usb 2.0, full removable usb drive that offers 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption for your sensitive information.  What’s a power point presentation if you don’t have a cool laser pointer to help, well knife has a class II laser as well as bluetooth controls to move your powerpoint presentation forward or backward.

Formally known as the Victorinox Presentation Master Multitool, it uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to access the info and if you lose it or someone steals it and trys to extract the info, it will recognize it’s not you and wipe itself clean! Now that is security for the next generation.  Currently it only supports windows and it’s a little pricey at $170.00 but what is new, shiny and mini that isn’t pricey.

This smart device will not only require biometrics, if you got the bright idea to cut off your friends finger and use it to unlock the Victorinox Master Multitool, it won’t work. The device checks for oxygen level’s in your blood as you authenticate.  It will also recognize more traditional methods of hacking, such as increases in voltage, or being cracked open physically.  It will even create meaningless files and folders to confuse any would-be hackers.

Fits in your pocket – cool
Has a class 2 laser – cool
Controls your power point presentation via bluetooth 2.1 – cool
Has 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and Biometrics security – very cool
Price – not so cool

Victorinox Presentation Master Multitool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7
Bluetooth 2.1
$170 for 8GB – $300 for 32GB

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