Otterbox for iPhone 4/s has you covered

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Otterbox for iPhone 4/s has you covered

If your a camper, outdoorsman, handyman, traveler, more then likely you already know about Otterbox. Otterbox has been making waterproof, impact proof, cases and boxes since 1998. Otterbox has “Got Technology Covered”. Known as an innovator of protective solutions for the leading global handheld manufacturers and wireless carriers such as Apple, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Dell, HTC, and LG, Pinstripe Magazine is happy to review for you the Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases for iPhone 4/s. These are two very nice cases that are well worth the money. Most of the iPhone cases out there avg from $30 to $80 but for $30 you usually get a bumper or other mediocre case.  Available at Otterbox.com

Otterbox Defender and Commuter iPhone Cases

Otterbox Defender and Commuter iPhone Cases

The Otterbox Defender series for iPhone 4/s offers serious protection for your smartphone. An inner Hi-impact polycarbonate case, wrapped by a impact absorbing silicone shell. Silicone flaps cover the the power port, vibrate toggle and headphone jack/mic areas. $49.95 Available in 8 different color combinations.


Otterbox Defender Case

The inner case is comprised of two pieces, the screen protector layer and the inner layer, they snap together to hold your iPhone. On the inside of the inner layer they add a soft foam back to help keep the back of your iPhone scratch free. The silicone membrane wraps around the inner shell to complete your case. It features a built-in clear screen protector on front and apple logo area on back. We used a power support crystal film front and back without issue. The Defender case includes a belt clip that doubles as a stand, There are no removable parts to lose. On the inside, the case is made such that only silicone makes contact with any button or toggle, so you can feel safe that nothing is scratching it on the inside either.

The silicone’s outer membrane seems to snap right into the grooves and notches of the inner polycarbonate case perfectly. The belt clip makes it convenient to access since it may not easily fit in your jean pockets once you have the Defender on your iPhone. The iPhone is slightly less elegant with the Otterbox case on it, but I feel much more stabile holding the phone. I would imagine that if you want this case, you have a good reason for it. The Otterbox Defender is a well made case and certainly adds some heavy duty protection for your device.

Features: Three layers of protection, Complete interaction of the device’s functions,
Ratcheting belt clip holster included

Material: Clear protective membrane on touch screen, High-quality polycarbonate shell, Durable silicone skin



If your looking for something a little less involved, the Commuter case (image below) is a perfect fit. Your iPhone seats neatly inside of a custom molded impact absorbing silicone shell and also offers an additional layer of protection with a polycarbonate layer that snaps into place over the silicone. It also comes with a screen protector film , installation wedge and cleaning cloth. Practical and cool, this Commuter case will give you the protection you want, in a more slender and lightweight form, while making it convenient to remove from the protective shell if you should need to. At $34.95 the Commuter case will last you and keep your iPhone safe. Available in 7 different color combinations at Otterbox.com


Otterbox Commuter Case

Features: Access to all buttons and features, Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports,
Includes a self-adhering protective film

Material: Self-adhering clear screen protector, Durable silicone skin, High-quality polycarbonate outer shell


OtterBox Defender Series Features for iPhone 4S

Defender Series for iPhone 4S Instructional Video

OtterBox Commuter Series Features for iPhone 4S

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