Jace Lipstein the man behind Grungy Gentleman

Written by  Marv Valladares
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Last year we briefly touched on the 10 street style bloggers you must know. This year there is one blogger that needs to be on your radar. He is seen everywhere from fashion events, in and out the top PR firms in NY to interviewing designers like Andrew Buckler, John Bartlett and Simon Spurr . He is Jace Lipstein the guy behind the site, Grungy Gentleman. We had a chance to sit down with this fashionista and picked his brain to see where he get’s his motivation and love for mens fashion. Read below.

Where are you originally from?
– New City, NY. Big shout out to my favorite Chinese restaurant, Mandarin.

When did you develop a love for fashion?
– I have always been conscious of my appearance. Was big into Nike SB’s back into the day. It gradually progressed from there.

Tell us about yourself, background and work experience in fashion/menswear?
– Went to Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! Die-heart Knicks fan. I have a website called Grungy Gentleman and am the Men’s Fashion Director of SINGER22.

We recently noticed you have some design pieces can you elaborate on them and when and how did you get started.
– J Shoes approached me a while back. We came up with a hybrid between a combat boot and a brogue. Turned out pretty rad.

– My next big collab is with Olasul. A two piece capsule collection that will hit stores in mid-November. Be on the lookout for them at Ron Herman, SCOOP, The Cove at the Atlantis Hotel, and SINGER22.

– Working with one of my best friends, Kiel James Patrick, on belts has been a pleasure. I finally put away our spring belt. Time to switch it up to our fall collab dropping soon. Stay tuned…

How long has grungy gentleman been around? Give us a quick summary about the site.
– Launched June 16, 2010. Big fan of menswear. My content is based on what I think is cool. It’s pretty simple.

What suggestion can you give future fashion bloggers?
– Be passionate because that authenticity will translate to your audience.

Who would you say are your 3 favorite american designers and who are your favorite european menswear designers?
– Couldn’t limit it to just 3. Too much talent. Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr, Michael Bastian, GANT Rugger, Riviera Club, Billy Reid, Burkman Bros, Patrik Ervell, Ovadia & Sons, Unis, Rogue, Warriors of Radness, and the list could go on. And then there is Tom Ford. Yeah, that guy.

– Europe oh man. Brunello is the illest. DB heaven right there. Big Junya Watanabe fan. Dries Van Noten is kiler. Pretty sure you will never go wrong with a Burberry trench. Lanvin, Balmain, Balenciaga, Bottega, yeah they’re not so horrible either.

Who is your favorite retail online store and why?
– SINGER22 Duh. Tip of the hat to Mr. Porter and Park & Bond.

Any favorite fashion photographer?
– My boys Justin Bridges and Justin Chung. Ben Lyons for his work, “Girls on Bikes.” Terry Richardson and Bruce Weber are iconic. And then there’s Bill Cunningham. He defines fashion photography and his work ethic is so inspirational.

Do you think more men are now following trends and fashion brands?
– Don’t say the ‘t’ word in front of me ha. Hate that stinkin’ word. Menswear is in a special place right now because of its talent pool. It is all attributed to the people involved.

Congratulations on the app you recently developed. Tell us more about the app and is it a free or paid app and its purpose.
– It is free. They are available for iPhone and iPad. You can follow my content, twitter updates, instagram shots on that bad boy. And the best part is 1 click access to shopping at Mr. Porter, Park & Bond, and SINGER22. Integrates content with commerce.

Thanks for the support and being a follower of Pinstripe Magazine. What would you say is your favorite category?
– It is a good variety. Never know what you’re going to get. I like the unexpected.

Who is your favorite woman celebrity
– Nic Screws. For sure.

What gadget can you not live without?
– NBA2K12. Like are you kidding me? I get to play with Starks, Ewing, Oakley, Mason, Harper. And play against the Bulls with MJ and Pip. Re-live battles in the post with Hakeem. It is as if somebody created a video game for me. God bless them.

What is your definition of sexy?
– A women who exudes confidence and class.

What would you say are some key items all men should have in their closet?
– Navy blazer, chinos, jeans, Del Toro’s, and a couple favorite t-shirts.

What’s next for Jace?
– Dinner at La Esquina. I’m late. For you, ha.


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