HTC Rezound official shots leaked

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HTC Rezound official shots leaked

If you haven’t heard, HTC has just taken the lead (temporary as it may be) of being the largest smartphone manufacturer in the US.  HTC has always created aethetically nice phones but lately have been rising in popularity.  The HTC Rezound sounds more like a cleaning product then a smartphone.

It looks similar to the HTC products released in the past, thin, sleek and sexy.  Pocketnow.com has obtained these leaked pictures and true specs can only be speculated on till tonight, but the official release date for the HTC Rezound. It appears to have those special touch sensitive buttons that seem to wear down after time and if the leaked pictures are accurate. it will support the 4G LTE network protocol. The official release date is November 10th at Verizon.

Source: Pocketnow via Ubergizmo


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