Tired of your iPhone 4 already? iPhone 5 release date

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Tired of your iPhone 4 already? iPhone 5 release date

Tired of your iPhone 4 already?  You’ve been hearing rumors all year bout when the new iPhone 5 will be released.  Apple has been known to keep things under wraps till the last minute but one thing is for sure, when Apple runs an event, the buzz around the industry will let you know about it.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Which brings us to October. Apple has sent out invitations to an October 4th event that will be held at the Cupertino headquarters for Apple.  You heard it right, Apple will be holding a media event at their epicenter in Cupertino Headquarters! If you have never see a glimpse of the Apple Cupertino headquarters, google it, it’s every place a creative soul would want to work.

Whatever product is announced and with the resignation of the Apple Guru Steve Jobs, Tim Cook will be presenting, perhaps that is why the event is being held at Cupertino offices as opposed to San Francisco where Apple’s WWDC is usually held.

iPhone 5 Concept - Release Date

What Apple will showcase on October 4th is up for discussion.  Some predict it will be the iPhone 4Gs while many believe it will be the iPhone 5. We can go into the rumor mill but nothing is concrete until Apple announces it.  So rather than get into the “What could be”, stay tuned to Pinstripe Magazine and we’ll let you know as soon as Apple lets us know.

Updated: Click here to read more about the release of the new iPhone


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