Going Camping with a Luxury RV

Written by  Richard Lazzaro
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When you think luxury car you think of an Aston Martin,  Maserati, Bentley, Lotus or even a Ferrari. However, what comes in mind when you think luxury RV? Nothing right? Well, if you follow our car section you probably seen the sexy camper. Now take a look at this luxury mobile mansion, Elemment Palazzo. The mere mention of campers and RVs invokes images of cramped living quarters that can house only your essentials. But the Elemment Palazzo with its lavish fixture and ornate designs obliterates that notion completely. As it should, what with a coronary-inducing price tag of $3 million.

Austrian company Marchi Mobile designed Palazzo as part of its Elemment line of luxury vehicles that very visibly displays the trappings of wealth. You’ll see in Palazzo what you never thought you’d see inside an RV. Master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom? Check. Leather interior? Check. Rainfall shower, fireplace, and 40″ TVs? Check, check, check.

The 40′ long Elemment Palazzo also has a pop-out bar replete with a skylight and underfloor heating that you can activate by pushing a single button. The bar adds 80% more room to the camper’s original 430 square feet floor space. When it comes to the exterior side of things, you may or may not be glad to know (depending on how you feel about it) that the Palazzo is covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. See more below.

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