Lingerie Shopping for Men (written by a man)

Written by  Mike Jeffs
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Just because the summer is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the heat up in the bedroom this winter. The range of sexy lingerie at AnnSummers.com can set your love-life on fire – but only if you make the right choice. Lingerie shopping for men (written by a man).

Buying lingerie for your girl is a potential minefield, so you should tread very carefully in this department. The wrong choice can lead to disastrous consequences, but the right choice can lead to, shall we say, very favorable consequences.

The Ann Summers lingerie collection offers something for every taste, but there’s only one problem: how do you know which taste is the right taste? While it is tempting to go for something that will push your buttons, it might not push hers, so think carefully about your choice before you jump in and potentially waste your money. Most places, but not all, offer good returns policies on their products, so if you do make a hash of it, you can try again or, better still, save the embarrassment and let your missus pick it herself.

One thing you really don’t want to get wrong is size. Too big and she’ll think that you think she’s fat. Too small and she’ll feel bigger than she actually is. It’s about knowing what she wants, what she feels comfortable (and sexy) in and making her feel special. The best way to get around this dilemma is to have a quick check in her underwear drawer before you hit the shops. This will also give you an idea of what type of bra she likes (yes, there are different types of bras). She might prefer a natural-fitting bra for comfort or an underwire bra for more support. Just run your fingers around the edges of the bra to see if she wears a wire.

To get an idea of what colors might go down well, think about her favorite outfits. What does she wear when you go out for the night, just the two of you? The chances are that this is when she will want to wear her sexiest underwear – understated is better than overstated in this instance. If you’re stuck on the outfit puzzle, have a look through her wardrobe to remind yourself what she likes to wear.

If you’re unsure about anything (which, for most of us, is probably likely), don’t be afraid to ask the assistants in the shops. That’s what they’re there for: to assist you in their area of expertise. There is a wealth of advice available on the internet – and some of it from ladies who actually know what they’re talking about – so you should never be short of inspiration.


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