New Honda Civic Starts Mass Production

Written by  Alia Haley
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New Honda Civic Starts Mass Production. Honda has initiated the mass production of the new eighth generation Civic for the European market in Swindon, Wiltshire. This will be the first model to be built completely by the workers of Honda at UK plant. The plant started in 1985 with an investment of more than £1.3bn ($2.3bn).

The E2 billion-production plant of Honda UK Manufacturing (HUM) started just seven months after the concept made its debut at the Geneva Motor show. The new model will go on sale from January 2006, with other range of civic models to be launched within 12 months. Honda hopes that it can sell more than 35,000 Civic in the same year and boost the sales of Civic series in Europe by 50% i.e. up to 120,000 within the next two years.

Civic is a mainstay model in Europe that holds a market share of over 30%. The new design of Civic comes without compromising with any feature. The new version carries one more milestone i.e. this is the first time that a Honda model is being produced completely in UK and not in any Japanese plant.

The new hatchback will feature an acclaimed powerful 2.2 i-CDTi diesel engine, an efficient 1.8 liter i-VTEC petrol engine and a 1.4-DSI petrol engine. It will use a five speed manual transmission or a five speed automatic transmission. It will feature a sport suspension, up rated brakes and a differential design that will direct more power to the outside front wheel for better handling. If we talk about the interiors, front side airbags are standard and there will be a voice operated navigation system.
Other Key facts of Honda UK Manufacturing Unit (HUM)

• The site is fully capable of producing a whole car including engine casting and pressing.
• Around 75% of the cars manufactured at HUM are exported outside UK.
• At full production level including three shifts, the site is capable of producing 870 cars per day.
• Around 80% of the associates and engineers live within 30 km radius of the site.
• HUM produced around 193, 000 units in 2004.
• The Civic 2006 will be the 9th model to be produced in HUM.
• The employment in car plant 1is 2220, in car plant 2-700 and in engine-1100.

Significant Dates for HUM

1985: HUM started
1992: Car manufacturing starts, second engine line installed
1998: 1 million engines produced and 250,000 civic produced
2000: Production of CR V engine started
2001: The production of No. 2 car plant started
2002: CR V export to North America started, 10th years of car production, Accord production ended
2004: 250,000 CR V made, celebrated the 15th anniversary of engine production
2005: 2 million engine produced, 750,000 Civic produced, 1.5 million car produced

Civic is a model which is famous for its mileage, style and performance. This eighth generation Civic model is to be built completely in HUM UK facility and the result is still to be seen. But, undoubtedly, HUM is fully capable of producing any kind of engine or car because of its employees’ strength and investment.


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