a Smartphone for beginners, the Samsung Dart

Written by  Robert Moses
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Samsung Dart

Samsung Dart

What we have here is one of the newest members to the mid-range line of phones at T-Mobile. This one is the sleekest and smallest one of them all. A Smartphone for beginners, the Samsung Dart. Remember though that this is just a mid-range phone. In other words, you can compare it to the Motorola Cliq or the LG Optimus at best. In other words, this is a good smartphone for kids (If you’re one of those parents who give their kids smartphones).

The phone has an inbuilt 600 MHz processor, and, even though you may not be able to play the latest games that Android has to offer on the market you can still play Angry Birds on it (we know, we did). For the price you pay for this, the phone seems pretty reasonable. It manages to run smoothly with the help of Android 2.2 and the list of applications is short (and sweet). It includes Swype as well as Wi Fi calling. The Samsung Dart sounds reasonable in the sense that it does not have a million and one applications that you’re eventually never going to use.

From our opinion, we suggest that this phone is not the best but stay true to the money you pay for it. A budget smartphone for everyday working, it’s like a good start up kit for those who are still oblivious about the use of smartphones and since it has fewer applications, this makes it all the more user friendly.

Via slashgear


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