Regular Sex Can Improve Your Intimacy and Relationship

Written by  Robert Moses
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Sexy Couple

Guys, are you in a relationship where you feel you guys have come to a monotonous moment? Well the first thing you may want to do is get into the mood of having sex on a daily basis with your partner. Regular sex can improve your intimacy and relationship. It would also be a good idea to divulge this plan with your partner.  The main idea of having sex on a regular basis is just to help you get past a seemingly dragging phase of the relationship.

Being intimate on a daily basis, only means that right now you’re asking yourself two very crucial questions. The first question is “We already have sex on a regular basis, now what?” It means that you have a very active sex life and you’re reading the wrong article. The second question is “There isn’t enough of time.” If this is the case, know that such a situation can never be true. There is always time to have more than enough sex. It’s about what you substitute with what’s important and what’s less important.

Know that keeping a certain level of intimacy in your relationship is very important. Couples who have passionate sex on a regular basis are healthier and happier couples. Another thing is if you’re a busy guy who has problems juggling between your love life and work, then when you’re in bed with your partner, it’s important to be in the moment rather than just having sex for the sake of “relieving” yourself.

Another advantage of having sex on a regular basis means that there’s more scope for experimentation. Why? Because having sex on a regular basis using the same old techniques might get boring. This gives you more scope to get creative in bed.

So conclusively, we’d like to say that a healthy sex life is important, you will be surprised by how regular sex can improve your intimacy and relationship.

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