Motorola XPRT Blackberrys Replacement

Written by  Robert Moses
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Motorola XPRT

Motorola XPRT

In case you’ve already realized that your blackberry is just not making the cut anymore, you better read on and see what we have to say below because here comes the Motorola XPRT Blackberry’s Replacement.

For the hardware, the XPRT gives us a 2.1 inch, multi-touch display screen with a resolution of 320×480. It also comes with a hardware keyboard rather than a virtual one. It comes with a 1 GHz processor as well as a miniscule 2 GB card that comes included with the phone. Multi-touch technology seems to be pretty standard now a days, welcome to the new millenium Blackberry.  This is the downside of the phone, if the phone comes with a 2 GB SD card, then there isn’t too much of internal memory that the XPRT has to offer. However, to compensate for this, the phone comes with a 5MP camera as well as an LED flash. From what we’ve seen of the phone, it has a huge speaker that gives plenty of sound.

The single core 1 GHz processor delivers pretty well on its own standards. It manages to run the calendar, browser and that small 3.1 inch screen pretty well. It runs with Android 2.2 Froyo and this operating system works fine with the other applications that the phone has. Although Motorola thought that the phone wouldn’t move in the market as fast, so they decided to incorporate parts of the Moto Blur UI., but by our standards, we feel that the phone is pretty stock given its Android Operating System.

This phone is a good transition from a Blackberry since the keypads are the same.

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