Focusing your Attention on the Finest Details and Accessories

Written by  Paul McGregor
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With high streets now being dominated by the same retailers, its a common issue that a lot of guys dress and wear the same garments. Paying attention to the tiniest details has become a must for men looking to enhance their style, and stand out from the masses. Today at Pinstripe Magazine, we’re going to be looking at ways to add the slightest details which will enhance your style.

When looking for clothing to add to that wardrobe, or if your like me… your floordrobe, try and find pieces with distinctive features. Maybe its made from a material which will add uniqueness to a look, maybe the pattern or colors are unique and distinctive, or the garment may feature a cut which looks different from a standard garment. These are the finest details we need to start paying attention to, which will separate ourselves from the masses of high street walking clones.

The other option would be to invest in mens accessories, adding subtle touches enhancing the detailing to your look. Cheap to invest in, small but elegant accessories such as tie pins, cufflinks, jewelry, pocket squares and watches are all going to add a touch of class. Adding a colored pocket square to an elegant, formal look is going to add a dash of color, drawing attention towards it. This simple addition shows you’ve paid attention to the finest details of your look, and is defiantly going to enhance your style.

So pay less attention to the basics, and start paying attention to the finest detailing of an outfit.

By Paul McGregor – brighterman.com


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