What Women Want, Reading Her Signals

Written by  Robert Moses
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What women want, read her signals. So you see that beautiful woman sitting at the bar and she allowed you to a drink. She seems interesting and she laughs at all your jokes and is also interested in your conversation. But how do you know that the signs she’s passing are actually flirty or just friendly. Here are a few tips about what women want and reading their signals.


1) Obvious and subconscious primping: If she’s constantly settling her dress or her hair, it means that she might be interested in you. So guys take notice of this and don’t make obvious advances but instead compliment her on the way she looks and if you can make her blush, even better.

2) Foot swinging: If her leg is crossed over and her elevated foot is swinging slightly, it usually means she’s attracted to you and its an even better deal if her foot is pointing towards you.

3)  Her lingo style matches yours: Ok guys, here is where you have to be a little insightful. If you feel that her style of speaking and flow of conversation matches yours, then it usually means that the both of you are up to a good start.

4) Funny conversation: If you try to impress her with a bit of funny conversation, and if she tries to continue the humor by adding funny remarks. That’s a good sign.

5) Deep thought: It’s also a good sign with the depth of answer that she gives you with every question you ask. Although, it’s a good idea if you can hold back the questions, don’t try to hold back too much.

6) Indulge in the “accidental” touch: Well boys, if all else fails and you’re still trying to maintain your calm about whether she’s into you or not, then you can indulge in the “accidental” touch. But guys, just try to be subtle as well, It does not mean that you have to try and grope her.

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