Five Ways Your Bachelor Party Could Turn Sour in Vegas

Written by  James C
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If you’ve seen The Hangover or any of the countless films about bachelor parties in Las Vegas, you’ll know you’re in for a white knuckle ride of a send off from singledom in this hedonistic town. With champagne, showgirls and casinos galore – what man wouldn’t want to take his party on the road to Nevada’s naughty but nice entertainment capital of the world?

Booking in advance means that flights to Vegas are available on the cheap and it’s still possible to have a good time, even on a modest budget. Anything goes in Vegas and this includes things going wrong. Here’s five ways your bachelor party could turn sour…… and how to avoid this happening.

Partying the night before the big day
This is the grooms last chance to let his hair down with his group of friends, so pick a date which will allow him to really have a good time without running the risk of a stinking hangover or even worse, missing his wedding. Allow ample time for recovery so that everyone can really let loose.

Going on A DIY trip to Vegas
While planning ahead might not seem in the spirit of Vegas, being organised is essential to avoid disaster. With a tsunami of things to see and do on a 24/7 basis, it can be overwhelming. Having an idea or going places on a whim could lead to a host of things going wrong including standing in long queues, wandering the strip all night long, getting lost, separated from the group, being ripped off or landing up in some serious trouble. It’s advisable to book tables at pool parties, in restaurants, clubs, casinos, showgirls and reputable strip joints well in advance either by contacting the premises directly or by using a VIP Host Service, of which there are many. VIP hosts can provide passes so that you can waltz right in to the hottest clubs, casinos, restaurants and have a truly privileged experience. This will allow you to jump queues, coordinate your night, provide much needed transportation as well as access to local expertise to suit the profile of your group. Most of the town’s strip joints are not close to the casinos. They are located off the main drag, which means that a limo or charter van is an absolute necessity. While adult entertainment might not suit your party, if it is something your planning on then please take note – avoid being lured to clubs or joints by ladies you meet on the strip who will only charge you ridiculous prices for drinks or worse still, their time. And, if you don’t pay up things can get nasty, very quickly.

Spend, spend, spend
Gambling and the prospect of winning big is what lures people to Vegas. It’s easy to get lost in the moment but don’t blow all your life savings otherwise you’ll have more than hangover to deal with the next day. It ain’t like it is in the movies, so you’re unlikely to win much money back. Don’t take out more money than you can afford to spend and know your limits. To avoid major credit/debit card charges, avoid withdrawing money in any of the casinos.

Do something permanent
This includes tattoos or any form of body art as well as falling into the Chapel of Love to get married to the stripper. As much as it might seem like fun at the time, it really won’t be a laughing matter the next day.

Get Arrested
Pranks, machismo, alcohol and loss of inhibition are not only the ingredients for most bachelor parties, it’s this combination that results in getting on the wrong side of the law.

While Vegas might be dubbed Sin City, it actually has a bonafide legal system and like any destination, its rules and regulations must be adhered to. Thousands of tourists are arrested each year and there’s no surprises that alcohol is usually involved. To avoid a night in the cell or longer, make sure no one in your group takes a dip in any of the Strips water attractions no matter how tempting, picks fight with bouncers, re-enter a casino after being asked to leave, urinate in public, pick up hookers on the strip or get naked. If you can’t resist shedding your clothes head to to Mandalay Bay Resort where it’s all perfectly above board.

It’s the ultimate town for a bachelor party… and just one more tip, ‘what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas’.

James writes for Skyscanner.net who compare flights to – among other destinations – party town Vegas.


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