New TAG Heuer Luxury Link Android Phone $5,000

Written by  Robert Moses
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Tag Heuer has also just released their second own brand of phone. The Tag Heuer Link Phone. After the release of the Meridiist Luxury Phone back in 2008, the Link Phone will run on Android and is apparently as tough as nails. If one were to spend 5,000 dollars on a phone, it better be durable. A lot of complaints about new smart phones is that they aren’t very durable. A couple of drops and that’s doing it some serious damage. TAG Heuer go into great detail to explain about how, shock proof, water proof and fully air sealed it is. It also comes with Gorilla Glass on the screen.


TAG Heuer Link Stainless Steel Brown

Quite a few luxury phones today are pretty limited with their functionality, but not the Link Phone. TAG Heuer went all out to give their highly demanding clientele the ultimate experience. The company has thrown into this phone a whole load of applications and other TAG Heuer goodies. Although it has a low memory of about 256 MB, it comes with a memory card that is 8 Gigs big.

TAG Heuer has already grabbed the heart of many gizmo geeks including ours with their sleek leather bound finish and their epic promo video for the handset.

It’s size is around 118 mm x 67 mm x 16.6 mm. It’s Operating System is Android 2.2. It comes with a 3G talk time of about six and a half hours. It’s screen resolution is 8008480 pixels and 16 million colors. It’s also strapped with a 5 MP camera with auto focus.

The Link Phone has managed to share the same status as it’s predecessor, the Meridiist. It is a communication instrument of unbeatable caliber and performance. Its avant garde technology manages to deliver strength, precision and reliability.

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