Soundfreaq is the Future Speaker System for Every Man

Written by  Pinstripe Magazine
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Guys are you looking for a great pair of speakers for your iPhone, iPod or any Smartphone? Well check out these audio docks that fits every man, from the rockstar rebel to the classical music aficionado. Soundfreaq has a modern unique design and is the future speaker system for every man. They have four products right now that will look great in that bachelor pad: Sound Step Recharge, Sound Platform, Sound Step and now the Sound Platform Ghost.

Sound Step Recharge gives you the option to dock and charge your iPad or keep your iPad in hand while you stream audio wirelessly- ideal when watching videos, playing games or multi-tasking with apps.

The dock features a removable spacer to accommodate most iPad cases and covers, so you won’t need to remove your iPad from its case to dock it. An additional USB power jack in the back means, you can still keep your iPhone charged while your iPad is docked.

Sound Platform Ghost offers all the same features and sound performance as the original Sound Platform- now in an all white design. Sound Platform works with just about every device on the market*, including: Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry devices, tablets, PCs, desktops and most mobile phones.

See some of the products below.


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